The strange world of beer: trea­son, dogs and taxes

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YOU might like these strange sto­ries from the world of beer that I’ve come across re­cently, writes Neville Grundy.

Seven Bro7hers Brew­ery in Sal­ford has teamed up with ce­real gi­ant Kel­loggs to pro­duce a beer out of un­used corn flakes.

The flakes will be com­pletely safe to eat, be­ing those that are too big, too small, bro­ken or over­cooked.

The first beer to use the flakes will be called Throw Away IPA with a strength of 5%.

The lim­ited edi­tion beer will use the flakes to re­place some of the wheat grain in the mix.

Ali­son Wat­son from the brew­ery said: “Kel­logg’s recog­nises that it has an im­por­tant role to play in re­duc­ing food waste, and that in­cludes find­ing uses for ed­i­ble food that doesn’t make it into the ce­real box.

“We plan to cre­ate three beers, in­clud­ing a hoppy IPA, which will be launched this month.”

I had to check the date wasn’t April 1 for the next one.

Scot­tish brew­ery BrewDog is in­tro­duc­ing Sub­woofer IPA, which they say is the first beer to be pro­duced just for dogs.

The idea was de­vel­oped by the Brewdog team in Liver­pool, who re­ported that the pro­to­type was pop­u­lar with lo­cal dog lovers.

Sub­woofer is made with wort from the brew­ery, the same malted bar­ley and hot wa­ter that are used in their hu­man IPAs.

There were three rounds of tast­ing tri­als with 25 dogs, be­fore the team was sat­is­fied with the prod­uct.

The beer is hop-free and not car­bon­ated; it is also al­co­hol-free, which is just as well see­ing that most dogs are un­der 18.

You can buy it from any BrewDog bar, or on­line.

Newby Wyke of Gran­tham is brew­ing a beer in re­sponse the Govern­ment’s draft Brexit dec­la­ra­tion: cheek­ily called Trea­son, it is a 4.2% ale.

They’ve pro­duced this beer be­fore in re­la­tion to govern­ment min­is­ters from all three ma­jor par­ties; they must like tak­ing pot­shots at any se­nior politi­cians who poke their heads above the para­pet.

Brewer Robert March said: “One land­lady said to me politi­cians and beer do not mix, but I replied they raise the beer taxes, so we can take the mickey.

“With what is go­ing on with Brexit, I thought we should bring it back.”

It’s tongue-in-cheek, of course, al­though we in Camra fully en­dorse his point about beer taxes!

The Sub­woofer IPA – pro­duced for dogs, say the mar­ket­ing men and, in­set, Newby Wyke’s Trea­son ale from Lin­colnshire, a strong pro-Brexit area

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