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In nu­merol­ogy, the num­ber one in­di­cates new be­gin­nings. As the 11th month, No­vem­ber is even more pow­er­ful thanks to the dou­ble pres­ence of one. Here’s how to wipe the slate clean

Spirit and Destiny - - Editor’s Letter -

Six pages of the lat­est news, views and ideas from the al­ter­na­tive realm

1 PUT YOUR FAITH IN CRYS­TALS Many crys­tals help guide you on a new path. Tiger’s eye helps boost your con­fi­dence while ama­zonite helps you make pos­i­tive life de­ci­sions. The lu­nar crys­tal moon­stone has been used for cen­turies for new be­gin­nings. 2 DE­CLUT­TER YOUR LIFE It’s dif­fi­cult to move for­ward with­out first clear­ing your phys­i­cal space.

Have that car boot sale you’ve al­ways thought about. Tidy your wardrobe. That done, it’s time to clear out your in­ner clut­ter. Where pos­si­ble, sim­plify your life, fo­cussing on flush­ing fears and anx­i­eties. This cleans­ing re­leases en­ergy block­ages. 3 EM­BRACE THE COLOUR GREEN It rep­re­sents vi­tal­ity, re­birth and good health. It’s also the colour of the heart chakra. Wear green to chan­nel the en­ergy of this chakra and it should help you to feel re­vi­talised and re­newed. 4 CHAN­NEL THE POWER OF THE BUT­TER­FLY This sym­bol of re­birth re­minds us that we all need to go through many growth ex­pe­ri­ences in life be­fore we can reach our true po­ten­tial and find in­ner peace. As you make your new start, think what a but­ter­fly goes through to be­come such a beau­ti­ful crea­ture. You can do the same. 5 PRAC­TICE MED­I­TA­TION Med­i­ta­tion teaches you to spot when your mind has be­come dis­tracted by un­help­ful thoughts or de­tails. It of­fers the op­por­tu­nity to re­con­nect with the present to cre­ate a fresh start on which to build. As you med­i­tate, fo­cus on each breath in and out. 6 CALL UPON GAZARDIEL Gazardiel is the an­gel of new be­gin­nings as well as be­ing the an­gel of the east. He will help set you on the right path and deepen your un­der­stand­ing of why things hap­pen. To con­nect with Gazardiel, face the east, ide­ally as the sun rises. Ask him to il­lu­mi­nate your way and clar­ity will soon come. 7 PLANT A BIRCH TREE In Celtic sym­bol­ism, this tree sig­ni­fies new be­gin­nings. Its branches were also said to drive out the spirit of the old year. The birch adapts quickly to new en­vi­ron­ments and can sus­tain harsh con­di­tions to thrive. It is a pow­er­ful metaphor for re­newal.

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