‘Spirit doc­tors help me heal’

Brian Miller was baf­fled by his hot hands, but he knew it meant some­thing spe­cial

Spirit and Destiny - - Editor’s Letter -

Brian Miller dis­cov­ered a very spe­cial heal­ing gift that runs in his fam­ily, when his hands started heat­ing up in­ex­pli­ca­bly

‘Could it be that I had a job to do like Dad did?’

Iflopped onto the sofa and pulled my wife Denise into my arms. ‘Come here love,’ I grinned, plant­ing a big fat kiss on the end of her nose. Our kids, Sarah, then 10, Gemma, then eight, and Lee, then seven, were tucked up in bed and we had a rare evening to­gether.

I’d been look­ing for­ward to it all day. Some TLC was due. We’d been like ships in the night re­cently what with my job as a de­liv­ery driver and Denise work­ing as a school su­per­vi­sor.

‘Ger­roff!’ she yelped, reel­ing back in hor­ror as my skin touched hers. ‘Your hands are burn­ing me!’

I looked down at my bright red mitts. They did feel hot. In fact, they’d over­heated a few times re­cently. Some days they were so sweaty they slipped off the van’s steer­ing wheel. And now they were get­ting be­tween me and Denise.

‘You need cool­ing down,’ she said, wrig­gling away from me to the far end of the sofa.

In more ways than one… I slunk off de­ject­edly to the kitchen to run my hands un­der the cold tap.

‘See a doc­tor,’ Denise yelled from the liv­ing room. ‘They’re not nor­mal.’

Like fa­ther, like son

The thing is I didn’t feel ill. I just had hot hands, like my dad used to get.

I shud­dered.

Dear God... I hoped it wasn’t the same non­sense he’d got into.

When I was 21 he had the bright idea of drag­ging me off to a lo­cal Spir­i­tu­al­ist church his friend went to.

‘Makes a change from his job shop­keep­ing,’ my mum Pearl, now 86, said at the time, wav­ing us good­bye.

Dad dis­cov­ered he had a gift for heal­ing and when he gave it to peo­ple he felt his hands get warm.

Don’t tell me I was one of them...

It was 1989, I was an or­di­nary work­ing class dad and didn’t have time for hob­nob­bing with spir­its. Keep­ing three ‘spir­ited’ kids on the straight and nar­row was enough for me.

Over the next few weeks I tried to for­get about my hot hands and kept them to my­self when Denise was around!

A voice from nowhere

Driv­ing around one day about a month later, how­ever, a weird thought popped into my head, ‘There’s a bomb un­der the mo­tor­way!’

I shook my head vi­o­lently. It was like some­thing out­side of my­self had shouted it very loudly in my head!

I even looked round to see if one of my mates had snuck in the back of the van and was play­ing a prank. Of course, there was no one there.

‘Crazy think­ing. I must be overly tired,’ I thought, pulling into a lay-by for a nap. My hands were so un­com­fort­able I of­ten tossed and turned un­til the early hours.

Back home, I was sit­ting on the sofa half-lis­ten­ing to the news on TV while

I pol­ished off my din­ner.

‘The M4 was closed to­day after a sus­pected bomb was found but turned out to be a false alarm,’ said the news­reader.

I nearly choked on my burger.

Had my weird thought been a pre­mo­ni­tion? It seemed way too much of a co­in­ci­dence.

Could it be that I had a job to do like Dad did with his heal­ing?

To be hon­est, I was get­ting fed up with both plung­ing my hands in cold wa­ter when they got hot and Denise re­buff­ing my ad­vances. Maybe I should pop along to a Spir­i­tu­al­ist church and find out what was go­ing on?

Denise wasn’t spir­i­tual, but she backed my

de­ci­sion when I told her in bed that night.

‘If it gives you an­swers, it’s no bad thing, love,’ she said, ruf­fling my hair af­fec­tion­ately be­fore rolling over to go to sleep.

Fa­ther’s foot­steps

Sure enough, when I went to a lo­cal Spir­i­tu­al­ist church meet­ing, the medium told me the rea­son I was get­ting pre­mo­ni­tions and hot hands was be­cause I had a job to do.

She in­vited me to join a weekly heal­ing group and over the next few years I honed my skills and learned how to use them to cure peo­ple’s phys­i­cal, as well as emo­tional, pain.

My hands no longer got hot but they would in­tu­itively move over the area of some­one’s body that needed heal­ing.

An evolv­ing gift

Ten years on and I was run­ning my own heal­ing group, help­ing scores of peo­ple ev­ery year. Then when I was 52, I was work­ing on a woman in my heal­ing group who was feel­ing un­nat­u­rally tired and suf­fer­ing from stom­ach prob­lems when an X-ray flashed up in my mind’s eye. I saw on the im­age that there was a block­age.

I in­stinc­tively moved my hands over the area and a bolt of light shot out of my fin­ger and zapped the ob­struc­tion.

What on earth had just hap­pened?

I’d ex­pe­ri­enced noth­ing like it be­fore.

‘That’s psy­chic surgery you’re per­form­ing, Brian,’ a medium told me later when I shared my as­ton­ish­ment.

This was above and be­yond what my dad had done but, a week later the woman I’d ‛op­er­ated’ on said she was hav­ing no more prob­lems and had more en­ergy than ever be­fore.

Word got round, and more and more peo­ple started com­ing to see me each week. When I worked on some­one I’d see the prob­lem on an X-ray in my mind’s eye and then op­er­ate on the etheric body, let­ting my hands in­tu­itively guide me, my mind slip­ping away into a med­i­ta­tive state.

To any­one else it looked daft, like I was per­form­ing in­vis­i­ble surgery in thin air while the pa­tient sat or lay in front of me. I didn’t even need to touch them. But it al­ways worked.

Peo­ple even started call­ing me at home and I’d do it re­motely. I was on call 24/7!

Then, two years ago, I was work­ing on a woman who had a hia­tus her­nia when in my mind’s eye I saw two nurses, one a ma­tron wear­ing a dark blue uni­form and a war­time one wear­ing a red cross.

This time, while I op­er­ated, they were there to sup­port me, hold­ing the X-ray, mak­ing sure the pa­tient was com­fort­able. And after that they would al­ways ap­pear if I was do­ing a com­pli­cated pro­ce­dure.

I still did my job as a de­liv­ery driver and in the evenings felt hon­oured to be cho­sen by Spirit to do psy­chic surgery work.

After each ses­sion, I’d thank Spirit for bring­ing heal­ing and work­ing through my hands.

My fam­ily even started tak­ing my gift se­ri­ously and asked for help with their ail­ments.

‘Got ter­ri­ble toothache, un­cle,’ my nephew Stu­art, 40, moaned down the phone one night in 2015. ‘And the den­tist’s closed. Got to wait un­til morn­ing be­fore I can get seen. Can you help?’

I closed my eyes and imag­ined his head and mouth. Next minute an X-ray flashed up in my mind. I could see dark­ness around his gum line. I waved my fin­gers across it and it dis­ap­peared.

‘You’ll never guess what Un­cle Brian?’ he said. ‘The pain’s gone!’

Next morn­ing, he phoned to tell me he didn’t even need to go to the den­tist in the end.

Heal­ing hands

Now ev­ery month at least 20 peo­ple visit my clinic at the Spir­i­tu­al­ist church to get me to per­form psy­chic surgery on them.

I’ll never for­get the woman who had a shadow on her heart. After she came to see me and

I did my surgery she went back to her hos­pi­tal for a check-up and the con­sul­tant couldn’t un­der­stand why it had van­ished!

Some peo­ple go to see a doc­tor when they need an op­er­a­tion but some­one like me in­ter­venes by cut­ting into the etheric body with­out leav­ing any phys­i­cal marks.

Be­fore I start my surgery I put an in­vis­i­ble mask over their face to give them anaes­thetic and usu­ally they start to feel sleepy.

I work from my men­tal X-ray and if I see any block­ages I re­move them in­tu­itively. My right in­dex fin­ger usu­ally wag­gles and some­times a light shoots out of the end like a laser into the part of the body that needs to be healed.

Some­times peo­ple feel my fin­gers pad­dling around in­side them, a lit­tle scratch­ing or itch­ing but they never ex­pe­ri­ence any pain.

I tell them they may feel a lit­tle tired after­wards and need to rest, just like if they'd had a pro­ce­dure in hos­pi­tal. After all, they have had an op­er­a­tion – even if it is in the spir­i­tual realm.

I’ve cured ev­ery­thing in my time from eye prob­lems to tu­mours. I have even saved the ca­reer of a pro­fes­sional vi­olin­ist who needed a ma­jor op­er­a­tion on her hand.

To think I nearly turned my back on the job Spirit wanted me to do. Now, I look back and am so grate­ful to Spirit for guid­ing me to­wards help­ing peo­ple and mak­ing that first cut.

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My fam­ily have all ben­e­fit­ted from hav­ing a psy­chicsur­geon dad

My wifeDenise is a great sup­port

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