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Learn how you can sharpen your an­gelic sense with spir­i­tual teacher Chrissie Astell

So many women come to my work­shops be­cause they’re feel­ing ‘stuck’ and are look­ing for a change of di­rec­tion – some­thing that re­ally re­flects their true soul – and I know ex­actly what they mean, be­cause I’ve been there my­self.

All through my late twen­ties and early thir­ties I had a yearn­ing for some­thing, but I didn’t know what. I prayed for di­rec­tion and searched ev­ery­where for my path. From as­tro­log­i­cal read­ings and palm­istry, to tarot and nu­merol­ogy, I tried the lot, des­per­ately hop­ing one of them would show me what I was sup­posed to be do­ing with my life.

My dad kept telling me that when the time was right, ev­ery­thing would fall into place, but as it turned out, it was clin­i­cal de­pres­sion that made me see that I needed to make big changes.

I sought pro­fes­sional help from a clin­i­cal psy­chol­o­gist and, as I heard my­self talk­ing about the things that meant the most to me, I re­alised I was sup­press­ing my own spir­i­tu­al­ity for the sake of pleas­ing some­one else; I was giv­ing my power away. Then I re­mem­bered my link to the an­gels and called on them. It’s some­thing you can do too in or­der to find your true path.

Fine tun­ing

Gabriel is the Ar­changel who brings new be­gin­nings and fresh op­por­tu­ni­ties, show­ers us with bless­ings of hope and love, and points us in the right di­rec­tion. He guides each soul from con­cep­tion to birth, gift­ing us with an in­ner knowl­edge of our life pur­pose, lit­er­ally light­ing the way for­ward, sow­ing seeds and in­sti­gat­ing change. This for­got­ten wis­dom is within us all. We must sim­ply sharpen our ‘spir­i­tual’ senses and let nuggets of wis­dom from deep within our soul bub­ble to the sur­face of our con­scious­ness.

Work­ing with an­gels to find your life pur­pose may seem a lit­tle daunt­ing at first, es­pe­cially if you strug­gle to hear an­gel mes­sages, but you must learn your own unique way of ‘tun­ing in’.

These three tools will help you fine-tune your an­gelic con­nec­tion, so the mes­sages and signs of how to move for­ward will be­come clear.

Firstly, you need to de­velop your in­tu­ition. Do this by pay­ing at­ten­tion to the pe­cu­liar co­in­ci­dences and syn­chronic­i­ties that oc­cur in your day-to-day life. If a par­tic­u­lar word, place, per­son or topic pops up in dif­fer­ent con­ver­sa­tions, in seem­ingly ran­dom ways, three times, make a men­tal note as this will turn out to be sig­nif­i­cant.

Next, you need to strengthen your com­mu­ni­ca­tion with the an­gels by work­ing out your strong­est com­mu­ni­ca­tion route. Not ev­ery­one ‘sees’ colours or shapes, or hears voices; some no­tice words in print that ‘speak’ to them. Oth­ers find ob­jects such as charms or feath­ers, or spot robins in the gar­den at bizarre times just as they were think­ing about some­one.

Thirdly, I ad­vise you to keep a jour­nal of your spir­i­tual progress.

Be­come self-aware

Be­ing mind­fully aware of what you are do­ing in any given mo­ment will en­able you to be­come alert to mes­sages from the an­gels and you’ll soon be able to work out what you’re be­ing shown.

I’m also a big be­liever in af­fir­ma­tions, so I’d like to rec­om­mend this one to you, to keep you on your path. ‘I open my­self up to the flow of uni­ver­sal en­ergy and com­mu­ni­cate with all my senses. I am able to fol­low the nudg­ing of Di­vine guid­ance as I move to­wards ful­fill­ing my soul’s high­est pur­pose.’ Say it out loud or in your head when­ever you are feel­ing lost.

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Spir­i­tual teacher Chrissie Astell on sharp­en­ing your an­gelic senses

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