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Mum Heather Rose has cre­ated a sim­ple way to help chil­dren be­lieve in them­selves

When a video of her son, Isaac, 10, read­ing a Law of At­trac­tion book went vi­ral on Face­book, an idea hatched in Heather’s mind.

The video was watched by over 5,000 peo­ple. Heather was con­tacted by hun­dreds of par­ents who said that, like Isaac, their chil­dren were strug­gling with con­fi­dence and a lack of self-es­teem.

This in­spired Heather to set up Mind­set and Me, which cre­ates af­fir­ma­tion cards for kids, with mes­sages such as ‘I am brave’ and ‘I am strong’.

Since the com­pany was launched in April, it has helped hun­dreds of chil­dren de­velop their sense of self-worth and be­lieve they can achieve any­thing they want to.

Heather was in­tro­duced to the Law of At­trac­tion by a mind­set coach three years be­fore start­ing the busi­ness.

She has since used daily af­fir­ma­tions in her own life to erase years of neg­a­tive thoughts about her­self.

A pos­i­tive step

‘I was bul­lied at school, told I was fat and ugly and would never amount to any­thing or find love. Life didn’t get any eas­ier as I got older and con­se­quently I had ter­ri­ble low self-es­teem and even at­tempted sui­cide once when I was 16,’ she ex­plains.

‘Isaac was di­ag­nosed with ADHD and autism when he was five and I was re­ally wor­ried about him hav­ing a tough start in life like I had done, and the ef­fect it would have on his con­fi­dence.’

After fin­ish­ing her train­ing in mind­set and pos­i­tive af­fir­ma­tions, Heather used her new-found knowl­edge to re-eval­u­ate how she looked at her own life, as well as build her be­lief in her­self. It made such a dif­fer­ence to her pri­vate life and her job run­ning an on­line cos­met­ics busi­ness.

‘My en­tire out­look on life was im­prov­ing but about a year ago Isaac was hav­ing a bad time and strug­gling with con­fi­dence. So, I bought him a Law of At­trac­tion book de­signed for chil­dren, and he loved read­ing it. That’s why I shared the clip on­line.

‘Isaac and I be­gan mak­ing our own chil­dren’s pos­i­tive af­fir­ma­tion cards and I no­ticed how his out­look and be­hav­iour im­proved dra­mat­i­cally.’

Dream big

Now Heather says Isaac is like a dif­fer­ent child – even his teach­ers have no­ticed. He’s started be­ing kin­der and find­ing it eas­ier to con­cen­trate.

‘Mind­set is ev­ery­thing, it can help chil­dren de­velop and learn not to give up. We want our chil­dren to be con­fi­dent, re­silient and de­velop high self-es­teem,’ says Heather.

Isaac adds: ‘Af­fir­ma­tions make me be pos­i­tive, do good things and I feel hap­pier.’

‘His out­look and be­hav­iour

im­proved dra­mat­i­cally’

‘ONE NIGHT when I was six, I was in bed play­ing with my doll when I no­ticed the fig­ure of an old man kneel­ing be­side me. I wasn’t scared, and he dis­ap­peared after a sec­ond or two,’ re­calls Chris­tine Tad­man, from Great Yar­mouth.

‘Since then I’ve been fas­ci­nated by the idea of an af­ter­life and I find it com­fort­ing to think we may not be alone in this world. Dur­ing dif­fi­cult times, I’ve felt there has been some­one or some­thing guid­ing me.

‘Once when I needed help,

I heard a whis­per of guid­ance in my ear, even though no one was nearby. I felt a cold, but not un­com­fort­able, pres­ence. A few days later, my friend passed away. Also, I’m al­ways find­ing small white feath­ers around my flat and in my hand­bag.

‘Then I came across the book An­gel Wings by Jacky New­comb. It con­tains sto­ries from peo­ple who have had con­tact with an­gels. It was a rev­e­la­tion as they mir­rored my feel­ing that I am be­ing sup­ported by some­thing I don’t com­pletely un­der­stand. It’s made me feel very lib­er­ated, and able to be my­self.

The book has also given me the con­fi­dence to dis­cuss my thoughts with friends and fam­ily.

‘In fu­ture, if I feel I’m be­ing guided by an an­gel, I will be happy to act

The book that changed

my life!

Heather’s cards help build men­talstrength

Isaac feels stronger and hap­pier thanks tohis mum’s cards

An­gels have been guid­ingChris­tine

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