An­gel on MY SOFA


Spirit and Destiny - - Social Circle - Lynn Paige Maxwell, Glas­gow

Home alone with my 10-year-old daugh­ter, I heard her shout, fol­lowed quickly by, ‘There’s an an­gel on the sofa.’

As some­one who loves an­gels, I was slightly taken aback as I’ve never spo­ken to her about them.

‘Aren’t you the lucky one, tell me what you saw,’ I said.

‘She was re­ally tall, with red­dish-blonde curly hair and sparkles fall­ing from the top of her head,’ de­scribed my daugh­ter. ‘She was wear­ing a white dress and high-top train­ers.’

Later, my daugh­ter was go­ing through her box of feath­ers, stones and pen­nies and pulled out a black feather, say­ing, ‘This is like the one in the an­gel’s wings’.

‘You never men­tioned her wings,’ I said.

‘They were huge and pure white but had one black feather in them,’ she said.

My daugh­ter has since seen a boy in my room sev­eral times, spo­ken to her un­cle who passed two years ago and gets a feel­ing when she holds crys­tals. I think I’ve got a lit­tle girl with a very spe­cial gift.

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