Spirit and Destiny - - Oracle -

Do you feel you’re be­ing led on a strange de­tour right now? Do right choices, sit­u­a­tions, or fab­u­lous re­la­tion­ships un­ex­pect­edly turn into the op­po­site as if you have been tricked? The coy­ote’s trick­ster

en­ergy is de­signed to bring you into sit­u­a­tions to teach you lessons

you have for­got­ten to learn. Per­haps you are re­vis­it­ing a pat­tern that is not in align­ment with the life you want to cre­ate. The coy­ote re­minds you to laugh about the

un­ex­pected twists in life, to de­velop hu­mil­ity and grat­i­tude. No mat­ter what seems to go astray, ac­cept that things are ex­actly as

they are sup­posed to be.

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