Cre­ate your own des­tiny!

Take a leaf out of Lau­ren’s dad’s book and use the power of your mind to man­i­fest your dreams

Spirit and Destiny - - My Spiritual Journey -

Sit some­where com­fort­able and quiet where you won’t be dis­turbed.


Close your eyes and con­cen­trate on your third eye, be­tween your eye­brows in the mid­dle of your fore­head, that ex­pands your in­tu­ition and aware­ness. 3

Re­lax your body by rest­ing your hands on your legs. 4

Take a cou­ple of deep breaths to calm your mind and con­nect to the uni­verse. Block your right nos­tril with your right thumb and in­hale slowly and deeply through your

left nos­tril. After the count of three, re­lease your right nos­tril and block your left nos­tril with your in­dex or lit­tle fin­ger. Ex­hale slowly and deeply through your right nos­tril.


Stretch your arms up and shake ev­ery part of your body for a few sec­onds so that the en­ergy of the uni­verse can cir­cu­late through you.


Be aware of your thoughts. Re­place any neg­a­tive ones with happy ones in­stead. Ev­ery time a crit­i­cal thought pops up in your mind, im­me­di­ately re­place it with a com­pli­ment to your­self.

Imag­ine your heart’s de­sire, whether that’s some­thing to do with love, health, wealth, or work.


Vi­su­alise your­self as al­ready hav­ing re­ceived or achieved it.

For ex­am­ple, if you want a new house, imag­ine your­self un­lock­ing the door to your ideal prop­erty. Ac­knowl­edge how that feels in your body. Do you feel a warmth any­where? Fo­cus on that feel­ing for a few min­utes.


Open your eyes and trust that the uni­verse will bring you what you need when the time is right.


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