Q I feel so list­less at this time of year. Is there earth magic that can stir up my en­ergy?


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THIS FEEL­ING is very com­mon at this time of year for those of us who live in the north­ern hemi­sphere. Not only do we miss the long day­light hours, but the weather can be so dull and dreary. To re­store your in­ner sun, do some spell work on the evening of No­vem­ber 23rd, the day of the full moon. Just as the moon’s disc re­flects sun­light, you will be­come il­lu­mi­nated by draw­ing on fire en­ergy.

Light a red can­dle to rep­re­sent fire and sit in front of it. Close your eyes and imag­ine that your skin is ab­sorb­ing its light and it is trav­el­ling to your core. Just be­low your ster­num, a power point con­nected with so­lar power, will be­come ac­ti­vated and en­livened. En­vis­age it grow­ing brighter un­til it il­lu­mi­nates your whole body. Re­peat this ex­er­cise when­ever you need some en­ergy to get you through the win­ter.

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