Q I want to learn to read tarot cards but find it very dif­fi­cult. Is there an easy way?


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THERE ARE tra­di­tional mean­ings for tarot cards, and most decks have an ac­com­pa­ny­ing book­let of ex­pla­na­tions and mean­ings in the pack. If you find learn­ing these dif­fi­cult, the best way is to use your psy­chic skills to read each card and ig­nore the tra­di­tional mean­ings, which are only a guide to help new read­ers. Most psy­chics, whether palmists or crys­tal ball read­ers, use the item as a tool to fo­cus their mind, and then their psy­chic pow­ers do the rest. Pick up a set of tarot cards, and ask your­self what you think the im­age on the card is show­ing, and lis­ten to what your spirit guide tells you.

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