Can you pre­dict the fu­ture?

It might sound like science fic­tion but we may all be able to mas­ter the art of pre­cog­ni­tion

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Find out more about how we can all mas­ter the art of pre­cog­ni­tion, as well as the role dreams can play in un­der­stand­ing what lies ahead

You dream of a large burn­ing ob­ject fall­ing from the sky. The dream is so vivid, you wake in a cold sweat. The next day you catch a re­port on the news about a plane crash and your blood chills. You can’t help but ask your­self, ‘Did I pre­dict that?’

Or you get a weird feel­ing in your gut, telling you not to get on your usual bus into town. You walk in­stead, feel­ing daft, only to hear later about the ter­ri­ble ac­ci­dent the bus was in­volved in.

Many of us have had ex­pe­ri­ences like these – the dream that turns out to be eerily prophetic, the gut feel­ing that proves pow­er­fully cor­rect. But how can you know whether what you’ve ex­pe­ri­enced is true pre­cog­ni­tion – a kind of sixth sense – or an odd co­in­ci­dence?

A new book The Pre­mo­ni­tion Code, by dream au­thor Theresa Che­ung and cog­ni­tive neu­ro­sci­en­tist Dr Ju­lia Moss­bridge, aims to fi­nally an­swer that ques­tion. Their hope is that the book’s read­ers will help with the largest ever sci­en­tific ex­per­i­ment on pre­cog­ni­tion, via the book’s web­site, thep­re­mo­ni­tion­

As Ju­lia writes in the book, ‘There may be an in­vis­i­ble power or con­scious­ness in the uni­verse that you can tap into with your thoughts and dreams to help you thrive.’

Sounds pretty in­trigu­ing, right?

Saved by a dream

Holis­tic ther­a­pist Krysia New­man, whose story fea­tures in The Pre­mo­ni­tion Code, be­lieves a prophetic dream saved her fam­ily.

‘I’d had pre­mo­ni­tions in dreams be­fore,’ says Krysia, of soul­ful­ness­ther­a­

‘But this dream was dif­fer­ent. The fact it was a re­cur­ring dream made it feel ur­gent, like a warn­ing.’

In the sum­mer of 2008, Krysia was in­vited to use the swim­ming pool at a friend of a friend’s farm near her home in Cam­bridgeshire.

A few days be­fore go­ing with her daugh­ters, then nine and six, Krysia had a dream.

‘In the dream I was on the phone in front of a very tall hedge and could hear my chil­dren laugh­ing and splash­ing in the pool nearby,’ Krysia re­mem­bers.

‘Sud­denly I heard a rustling be­hind me and turned to see a mas­sive Rot­tweiler bound­ing through the hedge and head­ing for me.

‘In the dream I started pan­ick­ing. That’s when the fear woke me.’

Days later, as Krysia was driv­ing to pick up the keys for the pool, she heard dogs bark­ing.

‘Re­mem­ber­ing my dream, I asked my friend An­drew, who’d in­vited me to use the pool, whether the dogs were Rot­tweil­ers,’ Krysia ex­plains. ‘An­drew con­firmed that there were Rot­tweillers on the farm, but as­sured me they were kept chained up.’

Krysia’s visit to the pool went well and she re­turned twice more af­ter that. But be­fore each visit she would dream of the black dog lurch­ing to­wards her and wake fear­ful.

‘On my fourth visit, I in­vited an­other friend to come along, too,’ says Krysia. ‘Again, I had the dream and again I was as­sured that the dogs would be locked up.’

It was an hour or so into the pool­side

‘The fact it was a re­cur­ring dream made it feel ur­gent’

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