Who is guid­ing you?

Dis­cover which helpers from an­other realm you have a connection with

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Find out which helpers from the spir­i­tual realm you have a connection with and are there to sup­port you

We have many spirit guides work­ing with us in our life time. Some are al­ways with us, oth­ers come and go ac­cord­ing to our needs. Take our quiz by spirit guide ex­pert Nina Ashby to iden­tify who is look­ing out for you right now, how they com­mu­ni­cate with you and how you can work to­gether.

Sim­ply cir­cle the an­swer that res­onates with you and see which colour comes out top.

When do you get most con­tact from Spirit?

Dur­ing the day

While sleep­ing

Any time, there’s no pat­tern

What kind of ex­pe­ri­ences do your mes­sages give you?



Feel­ings of déjà vu

How de­tailed are your mes­sages?

Sim­ple and di­rect

Com­plex and deep

De­tailed but out of con­text

What kind of signs do you re­ceive from your guide?

Gut feel­ings

Im­ages, knowl­edge, words Ex­ter­nal signs such as feath­ers, coins, repet­i­tive num­bers

How does con­tact with your guide make you feel?

Safe and se­cure

In­spired and pur­pose­ful

Ac­cepted and loved

When do you tend to call on your guide?

When I feel I am in dan­ger

When seek­ing an­swers or ad­vice When I need lov­ing sup­port

Which colours do you as­so­ci­ate with your guide?

Red or pink

White or gold


MOSTLY Guardian spirit

Your guardian spirit is with you from birth and has a clear overview of your life path, strengths and chal­lenges. They look af­ter your safety and give you warn­ings when there is dan­ger, or when you have an ur­gent de­ci­sion to make.

This guide wants you to lis­ten, and will com­mu­ni­cate with you us­ing di­rect, sim­ple and straight­for­ward mes­sages – they don’t give long ex­pla­na­tions! These mes­sages will of­ten come in the way of ‘gut feel­ings’ about who to trust, what is safe and where you need to be.

Your guardian spirit has a pink or red colour vi­bra­tion and you can call on them when you need the courage to lis­ten to and act upon the wis­dom of your higher self.

MOSTLY Spir­i­tual teacher

You can have many of these guides dur­ing your life time de­pend­ing on where you are in your spir­i­tual devel­op­ment. Some are spe­cial­ists, help­ing you de­velop cer­tain gifts or qual­i­ties such as psy­chic sen­si­tiv­i­ties or heal­ing abil­i­ties.

They con­nect with you when you are in med­i­ta­tion or dream­ing and of­fer in­sight, un­der­stand­ing and in­ner know­ing. Deep in­spired mes­sages will be sent to you by these guides in the form of thoughts or im­ages.

Your spir­i­tual teach­ers will also di­rect you to­wards men­tors, classes or en­light­en­ing books when the time is right. You will feel very sup­ported and en­er­gised by their pres­ence and have the need to act on their guid­ance.

Vi­su­al­is­ing white or gold light as you ask for them to come close will help you tune into their en­ergy.

MOSTLY An­ces­tral

These guides are those you have known in other life­times. They have pledged to help you while you are in the earthly realm and they are in Spirit. You will feel a warmth and affin­ity with their lov­ing sup­port, and a sense of fa­mil­iar­ity.

These guides can give you in­for­ma­tion and per­spec­tive, help­ing you tap into your own past-life ex­pe­ri­ences. They will show up with the same voice or use a re­cur­ring im­age, or re­peat­ing num­ber, to give you a mes­sage, at any time and in any way, and send signs your way such as feath­ers, mu­sic, books or peo­ple.

Con­nect with your an­ces­tral guide by vi­su­al­is­ing the colour blue and ask­ing for their en­ergy to be re­vealed to you.

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