‘Heav­enly heal­ing hands’

The ar­rival of a mys­te­ri­ous spirit in Daniela Cen­tola’s flat shaped her fu­ture

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A mys­te­ri­ous vis­i­tor in Daniela Cen­tola’s flat helped to shape her fu­ture

‘I felt en­veloped by a warm, lov­ing pres­ence’

Iwoke with a start and heard the sound of run­ning water. ‘Not again,’ I groaned, jump­ing out of bed to go and turn the bath taps off. It was the third time that week I’d been wo­ken up at 3am by the taps turn­ing on by them­selves. Not only that, tea­spoons kept go­ing miss­ing and the lounge door had a habit of clos­ing by it­self. Then there was that weird white smoke. Streaks of it would ap­pear out of thin air and float around the liv­ing room be­fore evap­o­rat­ing.

The taps, tea­spoons and lounge door shut­ting of its own ac­cord all freaked me out, but the smoke didn’t be­cause when it ap­peared I felt en­veloped by a warm, lov­ing pres­ence.

For three months these strange hap­pen­ings con­tin­ued, un­til things took an even weirder turn and I saw a woman stand­ing side on by my sofa, her hand rest­ing on the back of it.

I knew she was a ghost be­cause she looked al­most solid but at the same time I could see through her. She was wear­ing cream py­ja­mas with a small rose print on them and her hair was salt-and-pep­per in a stan­dard granny hairdo.

I stood rooted to the spot, un­til she dis­ap­peared. She must have only ac­tu­ally been there for a few sec­onds, but it felt like hours in my shocked state.

Vis­i­tor un­veiled

I as­sumed this spirit lady had lived in the build­ing be­fore me but a cou­ple of days later, her iden­tity was re­vealed.

I was at Mum’s house and we’d got the old photo al­bums out. As I turned the page I found my­self star­ing at a fa­mil­iar face.

It was her – the woman who’d been in my flat! ‘Mum, who’s that?’ I asked.

‘That’s your great-grand­mother, Gla­dys Grif­fiths. She was a lovely, kind lady, but sadly was very ill a lot of the time,’ Mum said.

I told Mum I’d seen Gla­dys in my flat and she took it in her stride, say­ing that I’d ‘seen’ things when I was lit­tle, too.

Now I knew who she was, I was cu­ri­ous as to why my great grand­mother had vis­ited me. And it must have been her who was be­hind all the strange hap­pen­ings in my flat.

I de­cided to see a medium in the hope she might be able to shed some light on the mat­ter.

The sec­ond I sat down op­po­site her, she had the an­swer I was look­ing for.

‘I have your great-grand­mother here,’ the medium be­gan. ‘She says you have the gift of heal­ing and she has ap­peared to you to let you know that she will act as your guide.’

The thought of heal­ing had never en­tered my head be­fore this mo­ment but now, with Great-Grandma’s sur­prise visit and this mes­sage from her, it felt like some­thing I re­ally had to con­sider pur­su­ing.

I signed up to a course to learn Ra­hanni Ce­les­tial Heal­ing, which links in with an­gels and their benev­o­lent en­ergy, and started giv­ing heal­ing to a grow­ing num­ber of clients.

Path to suc­cess

Dur­ing my ses­sions I al­ways feel Granny Grif­fiths’s pres­ence, and I know that she is guid­ing me and help­ing to bring in heal­ing en­ergy for the peo­ple who come to see me.

She joins me as soon as I start a ses­sion, as if she’s stand­ing be­hind me in real life. Then this im­age of her flashes into my mind, like she’s say­ing to me, ‘Yes, it’s me. I’m here with you.’

I feel en­veloped by this strong, lov­ing en­ergy, which spreads across my shoul­ders, and moves slowly down into my hands, help­ing me give heal­ing to my client.

Some­times she also gives me in­for­ma­tion about the per­son I’m work­ing with, as I’m heal­ing them.

I’ve gone on to de­velop my psy­chic work, too, and now teach oth­ers about Spirit en­ergy and how loved ones on the other side can make con­tact with us.

I may not have known Granny Grif­fiths in this life, but in death she’s put me on a path I may oth­er­wise never have found.

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So happy be­ing able to help peo­ple with my pow­ers Granny Grif­fiths showed me my true tal­ent

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