Spirit and Destiny - - Contents - BY EMILY SITWELL

Your bumper as­tro guide for

2019, com­plete with an an­nual fore­cast and what you can ex­pect on the fi­nan­cial front for the com­ing year

So it looks as if 2019 will be ex­tra­or­di­nary be­cause slow-mov­ing Jupiter and Saturn are both in their own signs.

Jupiter will be at home in Sagittarius, pro­vid­ing us with ex­tra op­ti­mism and hu­mour. Jupiter ex­pands our per­spec­tive and gives us new so­lu­tions to old prob­lems. That’s just as well, since Saturn and Pluto will march close to each other in Capricorn, act­ing as taskmas­ters and pro­vok­ing a bat­tle of wills.

Will the hu­man species go back­ward or for­ward? World­wide, we won’t know how it pans out for a few years yet. In our per­sonal lives it’s dif­fer­ent. We’re chal­lenged to find our most au­then­tic path.

Capricorn, your best weapon is dili­gence, pa­tience and do­ing what’s right even if it’s tough. Aquarius, you are end­ing one chap­ter and qui­etly seek­ing your spir­i­tual heart. Pisces, will you stand up to the group? Aries, you have to get past one tough author­ity and ex­er­cise in­fi­nite pa­tience. Taurus, what if ev­ery­thing you be­lieved was about to change? Gemini, you can’t gloss over re­la­tion­ships, they’re all mean­ing­ful. Cancer, you may have to stand alone. Leo, work is hard but thank heav­ens for love. Virgo, you dis­cover a bril­liant ob­ses­sion. Libra, it’s time to look to the past to see who you can be­come. Scorpio, can you dig deep and find the truth? Sagittarius, will you take the ma­ture path to end fi­nan­cial con­cerns?

The dates for Mer­cury ret­ro­grade are March 6th to 29th, July 8th to Au­gust 2nd and Novem­ber

2nd to 21st.>

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