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Au­thor Johanna Jack­son’s novel writ­ing has been spurred on by Spirit ‘I felt like the

story was drip­ping from my fin­ger­tips’

Afew weeks af­ter her beloved nan died, Johanna dis­cov­ered a strong connection with the spirit world, in­spir­ing her to write three books.

In a vivid dream, Jo floated up to her nan, who was stand­ing on a bal­cony in a hall, smil­ing and say­ing how happy she was to see her grand­daugh­ter again.

When her nan said, ‘I have to go,’ and then faded away, on the ground where she had been stand­ing were four six­pences.

It was an odd dream but, when Jo shared it with her mum, it turned out to make to­tal sense.

Ap­par­ently, Jo’s nan used to have a mon­ey­box full of old six­pences, which she planned to give her grand­chil­dren when she died. Un­for­tu­nately, af­ter her death, Jo’s un­cle had banked the six­pences, not know­ing Nan’s wishes.

Af­ter that, Jo felt her nan’s spirit close to her all the time, in­clud­ing when she was writ­ing her first book, Love Twists as Life Turns, which she self-pub­lished in 2016.

Find­ing the story

‘I had a rough idea of what the story was about – a group of friends – but cer­tainly didn’t have a begin­ning, mid­dle and end. But as I was typ­ing, I felt like the story was drip­ping from my fin­ger­tips, like

I was be­ing in­spired from a dif­fer­ent realm.’

The book has a spir­i­tual as­pect in­volv­ing a char­ac­ter who is col­lected by a rel­a­tive in Spirit when it’s time for her to leave the earthly realm.

Jo says her sec­ond book, Kel­lie’s Dreams, which was pub­lished a year later, is also a story that was gifted to her from Spirit.

‘A friend of mine had said to me weeks be­fore that there would be a mo­ment when I would be sit­ting qui­etly and I would get lots of bright colours. She said that it was very im­por­tant to have a notepad and pen with me,’ re­mem­bers Jo.

Not long af­ter this, Jo was sit­ting in her con­ser­va­tory on a sunny day when she shut her eyes and saw a lovely spec­trum of colours.

Words flow­ing

‘Sud­denly, I started to be given, as an idea in my head, the bones of the story I was go­ing to write,’ she con­tin­ues. ‘My spirit guide was in the story, as if he had been with me in a past life. So was my cur­rent hus­band, who had shared a past in­car­na­tion with me. I just knew that my guide, Ibrahim, and Spirit were giv­ing me this story.’

Jo’s lat­est book Prom­ises, Se­crets, Dan­ger is out now (£6.99, Ama­zon). She de­scribes it as ro­man­tic fic­tion with a twist of spir­i­tu­al­ity.

FOL­LOW­ING THE pass­ing of my dad, I found my­self dwelling on the mean­ing of life and our pur­pose here on earth,’ says Lynsey.

‘I’m a self-help book junkie and there aren’t many of the best sell­ers I haven’t read. All of them have had a pro­found im­pact on me. How­ever, I found many books talk about sim­i­lar things and give the same ad­vice. I be­came hun­gry for some­thing more and picked up The Wis­dom of King Solomon be­cause it seemed dif­fer­ent and chal­leng­ing.

‘An anal­y­sis of King Solomon’s wise words, and their ef­fect on some of the great­est writ­ers and philoso­phers through the ages, this book is thought pro­vok­ing, deep and in­sight­ful.

‘It asks you to ques­tion the very mean­ing of life and your place in it. For this rea­son, and the style of the writ­ing, it’s not a light-hearted, lounge-around kind of read, but in­stead prompts you to think about what’s go­ing on around you.

‘It’s a patch­work of spir­i­tual mus­ings, wis­dom and fa­mous quo­ta­tions. If you’re in the mood to trig­ger your brain into thoughts about life and its mean­ing (and en­joy some words from other leg­endary writ­ers along the way), then this book could be for you.’ Lynsey Han­ney, Hamil­ton,

South La­nark­shire

Johanna at the book launch for Prom­ises, Se­crets, Dan­ger

King Solomon’s words havebeen an inspirationto Lynsey

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