Count your bless­ings

Fo­cus on the ‘haves’ rather than the ‘have-nots’, and you will thrive

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BLESS­INGS WERE an es­sen­tial part of Celtic cul­ture. The Celts cre­ated bless­ings for travel, pre­par­ing food, get­ting ready for sleep and even greet­ing the sun at the start of each day in the be­lief they have the power to cre­ate good and pro­tect against evil.


Set aside a few min­utes be­fore you go to bed to truly count your bless­ings from that day. Per­haps write them down or say them out loud, and re­alise that each of these mo­ments, peo­ple or ex­pe­ri­ences, have come into your life for a rea­son. They are part of the fab­ric of your life that pushes you for­ward in the di­rec­tion you are sup­posed to go.


As you count your bless­ings, be sure to call upon your spirit guides to thank them. Fo­cus your mind on what you are thank­ing them for, but also what you hope your ex­pe­ri­ences of the day will help you achieve in the long run. Also, thank them in ad­vance for the help you know they will give you in achiev­ing your goals.


By ap­pre­ci­at­ing the value in ev­ery­thing and re­al­is­ing what it adds to your life, you can be­gin to un­der­stand each thing as a part of a chain that is flow­ing through your life, mov­ing you for­ward.

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