Signs from the other side

Here are some of the most com­mon signs that our loved ones in Spirit have drawn near to us

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‘You’ll be shown the same sym­bol time and again’

Small ob­jects such as coins, stones and feath­ers turn­ing up in sur­pris­ing places.

Flow­ers pop­ping up un­ex­pect­edly in your gar­den, of­ten blooms that were sym­bolic or spe­cial to your dearly de­parted.

Sym­bolic mes­sages, signs or syn­chronic­i­ties are of­ten used by those in Spirit to say ‘hello’. The signs and sym­bols tend to be par­tic­u­lar to you. Some­times, to make sure you don’t miss them, you’ll be shown the same sym­bol time and again.

Move­ment, such as a pic­ture that keeps fall­ing off the wall, or an item that never seems to be where you left it, is also a sign that Spirit is try­ing to catch your at­ten­tion.

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