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You may be feel­ing on edge due to a stress­ful sit­u­a­tion but the Peace­keeper is here to of­fer guid­ance. This wise Na­tive Amer­i­can woman holds a peace pipe, which is em­blem­atic of sur­ren­der­ing the need to fight. There’s a war­rior within you that wants to rise up but you’re be­ing re­minded by an­ces­tor wis­dom that truth will al­ways be re­vealed in the end. It’s more im­por­tant to avoid heated dis­cus­sions where you’ll be fight­ing a los­ing bat­tle.

Di­vine mes­sage

Let go of the need to be right. Rather than try­ing to prove a point, save your en­ergy for what’s im­por­tant. There is much more power in choos­ing to move for­ward from a higher per­spec­tive. This will al­low you to con­nect deeply to the guid­ance within and the in­tu­ition that will lead you to­wards the heal­ing of the whole sit­u­a­tion, along with any wounds it may have in­flicted.

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