She Wolf

Spirit and Destiny - - Oracle -

Half woman, half wolf, the She Wolf is a pow­er­ful shamanic soul who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd. She is en­cour­ag­ing you not to be trapped by the lim­it­ing fac­tors of weaker mem­bers of ‘the pack’ or those who are try­ing to hunt you down be­cause you have gifts they don’t un­der­stand. She rep­re­sents the en­ergy of the wilder­ness and is en­cour­ag­ing you to be free, un­chained and go be­yond bound­aries. Re­lease the an­i­mal en­ergy within and track down what you need to do to ex­press your­self.

Di­vine mes­sage

Un­leash the wild within. If you’ve been hold­ing back on your hopes or dreams, you’re be­ing en­cour­aged to chase them now. Let the wolf en­ergy track down what di­rec­tion you want to go in. Don’t let any traps get in the way of your free­dom or your growth. The life you want is wait­ing.

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