Past-life pals ‘ Y

Dis­cover if you and your spirit guide have shared a pre­vi­ous ex­is­tence to­gether with Claire’s help

Spirit and Destiny - - Oracle -

our spirit guide may or may not be some­one you’ve known in a past life.

‘We’re all rein­car­nated over and over within the same soul fam­ily, but at any given point some fam­ily mem­bers will be in Spirit and some on earth.

‘Your soul fam­ily will con­sist of blood relations and peo­ple you’ve shared mem­o­rable mo­ments or pe­ri­ods of time with.

‘It may even in­clude your ‘en­e­mies’ – your great­est teach­ers are of­ten those who push your but­tons to show you your shadow self.

‘Your guides will feel fa­mil­iar be­cause, whether you’ve been aware of them or not, they’ve been around you for a long time.

‘To get to know your guide on a deeper level, cre­ate a sa­cred space where you won’t be dis­turbed and have a pen and pa­per handy.

‘Ex­pand your en­ergy and ask your guide to blend their en­ergy with yours.

‘Ask spe­cific ques­tions and write down the first an­swers that come to you:

‘How did they pass?

How old were they? What coun­try did they live in and what did they do for a liv­ing?

‘Fi­nally, ask your guide if you’ve shared a life­time be­fore. If the an­swer is yes, ask them to show you that life. Note down any­thing you feel or see.

‘Then make sure to thank your guides be­fore end­ing the ses­sion.’

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