Happy Birth­day TO CAPRICORN

22 De­cem­ber – 20 Jan­uary

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You may run up against frus­tra­tions and lim­i­ta­tions this year but it’s not per­sonal. You are be­ing chal­lenged to use your self-dis­ci­pline, te­nac­ity and strength to inch your way through. As a Capricorn, you get bored if things are too easy… no dan­ger of that hap­pen­ing this year!

Do not think for an in­stant that you don’t have what it takes.

Saturn, your ruler in your sign, urges you to fol­low the rules, bide your time, and keep faith. In this way you will emerge — sooner or later — at the open door. Don’t be afraid to jet­ti­son what is no longer use­ful. Pare down, buff up and start your climb. This is why your sign is rep­re­sented by the moun­tain goat.

A word of ad­vice: es­tab­lished and tra­di­tional paths are good but don’t ne­glect other routes, too.


You guessed it. Work will be hard and it will be plen­ti­ful. If ever there was a time to take bold steps to ful­fil your ambitions, this year is it. 2019 won’t be filled with as many dis­trac­tions and un­pre­dictable events, leav­ing you time to sim­ply put your head down and get on with it.

If you have been look­ing for work for a while, get some ad­vice from some­one you re­spect.

There is ev­ery chance that this year you will find ex­actly the right sort of job. If you are put in charge of a team, a com­pany, or any sort of or­gan­i­sa­tion, tread lightly. You’re bet­ter off be­ing the team builder than sim­ply the team leader.

Fam­ily & friends

Jupiter acts as your pro­tec­tor this year. He is tucked up in your 12th house of se­crets, mys­ter­ies, and pri­vacy. You will find the most com­fort and hap­pi­ness when you are on your own or with one or two spe­cial peo­ple.

Though a lot of your life may be con­ducted ‘in pub­lic’, it is the time you have alone at home with close fam­ily or friends that re­stores you. Make a point of sched­ul­ing those blocks of time now, be­fore ev­ery­thing gets crazy busy.

Au­gust is when to plan your big­gest trip. That month is a de­light for any­thing to do with a new cul­ture, a lazy hol­i­day, or just a week or two at home gar­den­ing or read­ing.

In early De­cem­ber, Jupiter moves into your sign and you can ex­pect a surge of op­ti­mism. The so­lar eclipse sign on Boxing Day ush­ers in pe­riod of fresh starts, new be­gin­nings and, per­haps, some very wel­come news.


Ro­man­ti­cally you look to be on a roll. Fe­bru­ary is a month of de­light­ful mo­ments made for just the two of you. On Valen­tine’s Day, Venus is in your sign and Mars is in your sexy fifth house, where he re­mains un­til the end of March.

In April, avoid tak­ing things too far. That’s be­cause May has so much po­ten­tial for re­vived love, wed­dings, and cel­e­bra­tions. May is also when sin­gle Capri­corns might get taken off the shelf.

Through­out 2019, work can get in the way of ro­mance and it’s up to you to know when to close down your com­puter or switch off your phone and fo­cus on your part­ner.

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