21 Jan­uary to 18 Fe­bru­ary

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You are at the stage where you’re ready to wrap some­thing up and pre­pare your­self to move for­ward to the next project or phase in your life. It will take time but you will be glad you did things prop­erly. This year, pa­tience pays off.


If you are at an age where you are about to be­gin work­ing life, or at the other end of the scale, this year will be easy to plan. You are mov­ing from one phase to the next, right in step with your as­trol­ogy. As long as you don’t rush things and you line up plans, all will be well.

For those of you who have no in­ten­tion of chang­ing or quit­ting, it could be a bit dif­fi­cult as out­side cir­cum­stances may force your hand. It’s not re­ally the time to start your own busi­ness. If you’re bored with what you are do­ing any­way, then maybe you can con­sider a move to a new com­pany or a sim­i­lar field.

Fam­ily & friends

You may think you have no time for more friends but the stars say you would be wrong! Peo­ple you meet this year will be im­por­tant so don’t shy away from new al­liances.

Fam­ily life looks happy, too. Don’t give up too read­ily on a deal con­cern­ing your home. Once you get past May, you can move or ren­o­vate with­out as many ob­sta­cles. Look out for bar­gains or un­usual prop­er­ties that you can do up.


The early part of this year is when you can re­ally get to know some­one, even if you’ve lived to­gether for decades. Your re­la­tion­ship takes on depth.

Venus in your own sign from March 2nd gives you weeks of fun and flir­ta­tion. June is your favourite month for so­cial­is­ing and this year it’s more spe­cial than ever be­cause both the Sun and Venus will be boost­ing your chances of com­ing across an in­ter­est­ing new friend, per­haps even love.

Noth­ing slows down in Au­gust ei­ther. That’s the month for spe­cial in­vi­ta­tions and an­nounce­ments. In the midst of the fun, there are also a few weeks when love is de­cid­edly lack­lus­tre. Don’t take any­thing too se­ri­ously in late April. Ev­ery­one is in a crabby mood and li­able to take um­brage at the sil­li­est slight.

The first two week­ends of June are when feel­ings are at their most pas­sion­ate but mis­un­der­stand­ings will be at their most likely, too.

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