21 April to 21 May

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Once you make up your mind to do some­thing, there is not a lot that will dis­suade you. It’s a rare Taurus that de­vi­ates from the path she has set and yet… in 2019, Uranus will move back into your sign on March 6th and be there for the rest of this year. You are ready to shake things up and make changes in your clos­est re­la­tion­ships but also in how you stay fit and healthy.


If you travel for your job or work in some in­ter­est­ing or chal­leng­ing field, you are the envy of your friends. But only you know how much hard work you put in: that is not go­ing to change this year. The trick is not to burn out. You have an­other cou­ple of years be­fore you can change course to do some­thing else.

If you are still look­ing for your ‘life’s pur­pose’, it may be time to re­frame the ques­tion. You have a greater abil­ity to earn money than other signs and you also have a greater de­sire for com­fort and cre­ativ­ity. Let your day job earn the money, then the rest of your time is free to cre­ate.

Fam­ily & friends

You might pre­fer to spend your hol­i­days and time off with your fam­ily or at home. There’s so much go­ing on in your life that even a fort­night away could seem like an eter­nity. There will prob­a­bly be baby or wed­ding news and you want to be around to play your part.

Mean­while, friend­ships are un­der strain be­cause you aren’t as avail­able as you used to be.


Yours is a loyal sign. You love to play the field when you are younger, but once you pick a mate, it is usu­ally for life. Nev­er­the­less, even the stead­i­est and most com­mit­ted of cou­ples oc­ca­sion­ally feel the urge for a bit of in­de­pen­dence. It needn’t be a threat to your mar­riage or bond. Many of you will have a de­sire to go off and do your own thing for a while. It needn’t in­volve some sort of for­mal sep­a­ra­tion — al­though it might. You just need space.

Tau­re­ans are rarely on their own un­less they want to be and this year even sin­gles are a bit am­biva­lent about set­tling down. That said, the pat­tern of the cos­mos in Au­gust is so per­fectly de­signed to stir your heart­strings that you may find your­self walk­ing up the aisle or ut­ter­ing those three lit­tle words.

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