Spirit and Destiny

'The archangels are my counsel'

Claire Stone felt crippled by anxiety until the heavenly realm opened new doors for her


Plonking myself down on the end of the bed, I started to cry. I was just 14 and had spent another exhausting day looking after my three-year-old sisters, Sarah and Victoria.

Mum had an alcohol problem, which left her unable to look after us properly.

From the age of 11, I missed a lot of primary school to care for the little ones, and was registered as a young carer. When I reached 13, I dropped out of school altogether. I was under a lot of pressure and panic attacks became a daily part of my life. I’d find myself gasping for breath and nauseous with a pounding heart.

The anxiety made me a virtual prisoner in my home, with me only venturing out as far as the corner shop two doors down when I needed to top up the electricit­y card or buy essentials for my little sisters.

Sitting there, utterly desperate in my bedroom, I offered up a prayer to the angels who I had felt and seen since I was a very young girl.

‘Please, please help me…’

Don’t give up

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a shimmering of colours, all the hues of the rainbow but with a psychedeli­c twist.

What was happening? Had I got myself in such a state I’d brought on a migraine? I knew they could affect your eyesight, maybe I was hallucinat­ing. Slowly the colours formed into an angel shape in front of me.

The sight was very unexpected, but I wasn’t afraid because I’d been aware of the existence of angels for years. The female angel was so beautiful, dressed in a dazzling pink and golden robe, a multitude of colours gently twinkling all around her. Her white wingspan was at least 6ft and all I could feel was immense love enveloping me as her green eyes met mine.

In my mind, her gentle voice said, ‘Claire, beloved child, I am the angel Ariel and I bring this message to you. We know you suffer now but trust me when I say that your future is bright, there are many changes coming up ahead and you will be happier than you could ever believe possible.

‘You need to be strong a little longer. Don’t give up. Know that I am here every step of the way. All of this will help you one day when you are to be a leader.’

Belief in myself

I had no idea what or who I’d be leading, or how even. Given my young age and the fact I could barely leave the house without hyperventi­lating and feeling sick with anxiety, being a leader of any kind seemed ridiculous. But what I did know in that instant, without a shadow of doubt, was that I could be or do what I wanted to in life.

I could go to college. I could have a career. I could be… happy.

Ariel’s presence brought me self-belief for the first time in my life.

Before she answered my prayers that night, I’d resigned myself to a job that I could do from home.

Although I couldn’t possibly imagine how the archangel’s words would come true, I clung faithfully to the hope she’d given me.

From then on, Lady Ariel visited me late at night and I would listen and diligently act upon her advice, although it was far from easy and took every ounce of courage I could muster.

My first task was to walk to the bus stop across the road from my house. I was shaking as I crossed the street, but I did it, before running home as fast as I could, slamming the door behind me and gasping with relief.

The second goal Ariel set me was to get on the bus and get off at the next stop, then walk home – I didn’t walk. I tore home.

‘The anxiety made me a virtual prisoner in my home’

After several months, I made it into the town centre, before catching a taxi straight back.

Slowly but surely, with Ariel’s guidance and Archangel Michael’s strength, I conquered my crippling social anxiety and did things I could never have imagined having the courage to do.

New-found courage

I had a boyfriend from school, and when

I turned 16 I went out with him and his parents for a meal – that was a task Ariel set me. The restaurant was 25 minutes from my house and I was there for several hours, eating and chatting. It was a huge deal for me. My panic attacks had stopped by then.

It wasn’t just my life that got better either. Mum signed up to an alcohol addiction rehab programme and got sober, before going on to train as a nurse. She really turned her life around and I couldn’t have been more proud of her.

When I was 17, and the twins were at school, I realised my college dream.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy.

My anxiety got the better of me a few times before I was able to stick with my beauty therapy course and not miss any of my lessons.

That led to an Indian massage course and training in other holistic techniques, including reflexolog­y, aromathera­py, herbalism and reiki. By the time I was 19, I was a qualified holistic therapist.

My teachers were so impressed with me that once I’d qualified, I was even asked to teach other students!

Knowing the angels were with me every step of the way enabled me. That and having coping mechanisms in place. Like making sure I had enough money for a cab, in case I was waiting too long at a bus stop and started to have a panic attack.

I met quite a few of the female archangels, including Faith, Hope and Charity.

Sometimes they’d show themselves as a pillar of light, other times they’d look like an angel from a book. Archangel Michael liked to show himself to me in his armour, holding his trusty sword.

If they didn’t introduce themselves, I was never shy to ask, ‘Who are you?’.

Dream visits

Sometimes the angels appeared in my bedroom at night, other times they visited me in my dreams. That’s how I met Lady Aurora, a female archangel who helps you raise from the ashes of trauma.

I started to build up my list of clients and the female archangels, who are collective­ly known as Archeiai, would turn up when I was giving holistic treatments to help me give the best healing possible.

I’d feel what my client was feeling – if they had earache, I’d have earache! But more than that, the angels would tell me the emotional root of the physical symptom, such as ‘childhood

issues’ or ‘past life karma’. Sometimes they gave me details of a ritual that would really help the person who had come to see me.

One particular client came to me, saying she was sure her ex-partner had put a hex on her. ‘Murdishaw,’ I heard in my mind.

What on earth? It was such a weird word and meant nothing to me…

‘Tell them to smash the glass vase and bury it in the soil in the town.’

When I told my client this, it made total sense to her.

‘My ex was born in Murdishaw, he bought me a glass vase – it’s the only thing I still have that he gave me.’

She followed the angels’ advice, and her problem was sorted. This is a typical example of how practical the female archangels are compared to the male ones!

Synchronic­ity at play

A few months after qualifying as a holistic therapist, I went to a Divine Feminine and Archangels retreat at Chalice Well in Glastonbur­y. I enjoyed it so much I went back the following year.

When the organisers had to pull out at the last minute for personal reasons, I was asked if I’d stand in and hold the event.

Although I’d beaten my social anxiety, I was still shy. I knew the material, but the thought of being in the spotlight and leading the workshop was terrifying.

Archangel Michael gave me the guts to do it though, that and the fact that I knew the angels were behind this. It was synchronic­ity that I was there at the time when someone was needed to step into the breach.

The event boosted my confidence so much that I went on to work full-time with the angels, helping women to rediscover their Divine

Feminine, the lost wisdom of women. I guide them to listen and connect to their bodies and to their spirituali­ty through workshops and one-to-one healing.

I’ve been running a retreat at Chalice Well every year for 18 years now.

It’s evolved a lot over this time. When I first started running it, there was a huge focus on meditation but then I introduced more about the

Ascended Masters and Goddess work, alongside angel card readings and the Law of Attraction.

For many years I didn’t really feel I had a mother, but connecting to the female archangels, letting them heal me and guide me to my purpose, has made me feel complete.

✿ More info The Female Archangels by Claire Stone is published by Hay House, priced £12.99. claireston­e.co.uk

 ??  ?? The angels helped me follow my true path
The angels helped me follow my true path
 ??  ?? My angel altar
My angel altar
 ??  ?? Connecting with the angels is a vital part
of my daily life
Connecting with the angels is a vital part of my daily life
 ??  ?? Channellin­g angel energy is part of work as a healer my
Channellin­g angel energy is part of work as a healer my

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