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'I've learned to trust my soul'

When Nicola Beattie started leaving her body without warning, she had no clue as to the gifts that would follow


‘I found myself floating above a skyline’

When Nicola Beattie started leaving her body without warning, she had no clue as to the gifts that would follow

Asense of calm washed over me as I breathed deeply. I was at home meditating, propped up in bed. My partner, Dan, was at work and our three-day-old baby, Leo, was sleeping in his crib.

I inhaled again and…whoosh! I was sucked out of my body. The next second I was hovering below the bedroom ceiling and

I could see my physical self on the bed.

I wasn’t scared though, I just thought, ‘This is amazing.’

Seconds later, my consciousn­ess somehow slipped through the roof of my house and up into the sky. Looking down, I saw the lights shining out of neighbours’ houses and watched people walking their dogs. I don’t know how long I was floating up there but I became aware that Leo had woken up and was crying. Within seconds, I was back in my body.

As I nursed my baby, I thought, ‘That was a powerful dream.’ I presumed I’d fallen asleep, exhausted by having a newborn and a difficult birth and didn’t give the experience another thought. Leo came into the world in March, 2018, via a C-section. The op had left me drained, shivery and I ached all over, I’d been meditating to try and reduce the pain.

Then a week after the odd experience I hadn’t given much thought to, it happened again.

I was still suffering, to the extent that I could hardly walk, but as soon as I left my body the discomfort stopped. It was like being in a state of pure bliss.

This second experience, though, was more dramatic. One minute I was doing self-hypnosis to block out my pain, the next I found myself floating above a skyline that reminded me of Bangkok where I had spent time in my twenties while travelling around Thailand.

I could see neon lights and skyscraper­s far below and the roads and people. I reckon I was around 100ft off the ground and yet I still had no fear as I lapped several times around the tall buildings.

Again, my baby crying brought me back and, just like the first time, I passed the experience off as a vivid dream.

Calming voice

Over the following days, my pain worsened and I had an infection that didn’t respond to antibiotic­s. I ended up being admitted to hospital for five days where I battled lifethreat­ening sepsis.

The day I came out of hospital, on April 26th, 2018, I was still feeling shaky but so pleased to be back home with my baby.

At around 5pm I was in bed and shut my eyes for a nap. Instantly, I felt the familiar sensation of being sucked out of my body, yet this time I travelled towards a big green light which was drawing me in.

As I floated around in the light I heard a young adult female voice say, ‘I’m here to help you.’

‘Where am I?’ I asked.

‘This is where the souls are processed,’ the voice replied.

‘What do you mean?’ I asked.

The calming voice explained this was the space between earth and the afterlife. ‘My job is to greet the souls and then help guide them on their way.’

I could see hundreds of thin tunnels in the green light. As I hovered over one, I felt a rush of energy as souls passed beneath me.

‘Why am I here?’ I asked. There was no fear in me, I was totally in the moment.

The voice told me that she just wanted to ‘show me how things worked’. We were communicat­ing telepathic­ally and I never saw

her, only heard and felt her gentle presence.

On this occasion, it was my dad, Peter, who lives next door, who pulled me back to my physical body. He was tapping my arm gently and I could hear him calling my name.

I told Dad what had happened. He’s a retired therapist, and a good listener. He didn’t pass comment just took in every word and then made us a cup of tea. That was that, we never said anything about it again. I mentioned it briefly to Dan and, like Dad, he listened and didn’t comment.

The experience was so vivid this time that I knew it wasn’t a dream. Even though I’m a hypnothera­pist, I’d always struggled with visualisat­ion – I never saw anything when I tried.

Awakening spirituall­y

My strange travels out of my physical body kept happening. I found myself floating above my house or looking down on foreign cities. I visited Istanbul and Singapore – I recognised the architectu­re from travel books. Places

I had dreamed of going before the arrival of my first child back in my twenties. These visions reminded me to reconnect with myself and who I used to be before I was engulfed by motherhood and the daily routines of family life.

I’ve no idea how long the journeys lasted, time seemed to stand still once I’d left my body. I had these strange experience­s most evenings, from April that year until the October. Dan works late so I was always alone with Leo when they happened.

I found these experience­s both exhilarati­ng and confusing. I wasn’t spiritual and I wasn’t sure what was happening. I worried I was going mad, was it the baby blues?

Seven months after giving birth, I went for some hot stone therapy and the therapist asked me if she could use crystals in the treatment. Then she tentativel­y gave me a message.

‘Angels are around you,’ she said quietly, ‘you’re not going mad. You’re awakening spirituall­y.’

I was shocked but I also had goose bumps of excitement. It was such a relief to be able to confide in someone about my strange travels to someone who understood. The therapist said I was having out-of-body experience­s (OBEs). This was the first time I’d heard the term.

Part of me didn’t want to believe what I was hearing but in my soul, I knew it was true. I felt a connection with the spiritual realms and it was like I’d woken up from a deep sleep and was seeing the world clearly for the first time.

I left the session in a bit of a daze and went home and researched OBEs on the internet. I was amazed to see that people all over the world have these experience­s and they can be triggered by illness.

A few weeks after the hot stone session, I began to have

vivid dreams where I heard the same voice I’d heard in my previous OBE. She told me to ‘trust my intuition’ and explore the spiritual world further, so I bought a pack of divination cards by angel expert Kyle Gray.

I read the cards twice a week, during which time I kept pulling the same three: Akasha, Horus and Zanna. The message in the cards was that I’m ‘a spiritual teacher’, ‘miraculous changes are occurring’ and I’m protected and ‘the worst is now behind you’.

The messages felt authentic. I did feel like something momentous was happening to me and I couldn’t ignore it. I began to explore crystals and sound therapy. In August 2018, I was attuned to angelic reiki and I now incorporat­e this into sessions with my clients. Using hypnosis, I take them to visit spirit guides and to facilitate healing through the angelic realms, as well as deal with the issues they are having during this lifetime.

Prior to my awakening, I was very clinical in my approach as a therapist. I was nervous about introducin­g spirituali­ty into my work to help people overcome problems like anxiety – but it’s been really successful, people find it comforting and transformi­ng.

These days, I rarely have OBEs and only if I’m meditating, and I’ve not heard the voice again or visited the green light. But I know my experience­s were real and the spirit voice guided and helped me connect to my spirituali­ty. Finally, I’ve learnt to listen and trust my soul.

More info Learn about Nicola’s work at sereneinsi­x.co.uk

‘I began to explore crystals and sound


 ??  ?? With my beautiful Leo
With my beautiful Leo
 ??  ?? I meditate with crystals
I meditate with crystals
 ??  ?? I love working
with groups
I love working with groups
 ??  ?? Working with divination cards
Working with divination cards

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