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You've no doubt heard of the Law of Attraction, but do you understand the way this magical manifestin­g tool works? We explain more and show you how whatever you desire can be yours


Many of you will be familiar with the phrase Law of Attraction, but do you know what this manifestin­g tool is and how its magic works?

‘The Law of Attraction (or LOA for short) is the ability to trust that your dreams and desires can be realised, even when you can’t see exactly how that will happen,’ explain Tesha and Candice Matthew – the LOA Twins – who teach the Law of Attraction and help people all over the world manifest their dreams.

‘It’s about being able to see the possibilit­y of your future, and the things, people and circumstan­ces you want in it. For example, say you desire a dream home and all the evidence at the minute suggests this isn’t possible, you can’t see how that house will be yours, but you still hold tightly to the belief you will get your dream home and the universe will deliver.

‘Keeping that faith isn’t always easy when society has taught us that the route to getting the things we want, and living our best life, is via navigating a series of tick boxes. Work hard at school. Tick. Go to college/uni. Tick.

Get a good job. Tick. Earn a good salary. Tick. End result: Everything you want.’

But for some, this doesn’t feel realistic, or it’s not a route that is open to them.

There is, however, another way to make your dreams come true, to have the life you want, and that is working with the Law of

Attraction. And this is a path that everyone can tread…

All you desire

‘Working with the universe is about working with energy to attract the things and people you want into your life. This can be difficult for people to understand because you can’t see energy in the same way you can see, say, an exam certificat­e or job qualificat­ion. But energy is everything and a very powerful manifestat­ion tool when you know how to use it,’ reveal the LOA Twins.

Working with energy to attract your desires requires you to trust and believe in something that is invisible and have the courage to banish those blocks that will put the kibosh on your manifestin­g.

‘So often, it’s money that makes us feel the dream home, or any other desire for that matter, is impossible. It gets in the way of our belief that what we seek CAN be ours.

‘If you don’t feel you have enough money, that feeling of lack will be echoed in your relationsh­ips, your self confidence – in every aspect of your life.’

We see it most apparently in our money situation. So, how do we break down our money block?

‘Instead of looking at money as just a commodity, you tune into the energy of that money. That energy will be determined by whether you see it as a bad thing or a good thing, either positive or negative,’ explain the LOA Twins. ‘If you have bad feelings about money, then money won’t work for you.’

What do we mean when we say ‘bad feelings’ about money? Well, listen to your self-talk on the subject of money. Is it: ‘I can’t buy that because I could never afford it.’ ‘Money is the root of all evil.’ ‘I’m too spiritual to ever have a lot of money.’ ‘Only rich people have enough money to live the life they want.’

‘Money doesn’t grow on trees.’

Any of these sound familiar? All of these statements are negative and limiting beliefs that come from a fear of not having enough and/or not being worthy of having the things you want.

‘This feeling of lack creates a low vibration,’ say the LOA Twins. ‘If you believe you’re not enough or worthy of having whatever it is you desire, that vibration (energy) will filter into the whole of your life.’

The Law of Attraction is not about pursuing what you think you should desire, it’s about going after what you love, and to do that your thoughts and emotions need to be love-led too. Successful manifestat­ion comes from the heart, from self-love and from the true, authentic you.

Here, the LOA Twins share their techniques to help you bust through your blocks to manifestin­g, while strengthen­ing your heart connection which is key to realising dreams and desires.

‘Don’t get totally focused on outcomes, it’s important to enjoy the process,’ warn the LOA Twins. ‘Say to yourself, ‘I am on this path and I am excited about having all I desire.’


Instead of focusing on how many zeros are on your bank statement, think about this…

If money wasn’t an issue and anything was possible, where would you be, who would you be with, what would your lifestyle be? Be as specific and detailed as possible.

A vision board would be really useful for this

DID YOU KNOW? Everyone has a higher self, and they have a name

step. Cover it with images that represent what you seek to attract in your life. These might include destinatio­ns you want to travel to, or somewhere you want to live. A particular car, a log burner, a summer house in your garden. A certain job or salary. If you want to attract it, then it deserves a place on your vision board.

A vision board works on energy, that energy being the vibration and feeling you get whenever you look at all those lovely images on your board and visualise that they reflect your life.

So, it’s really important you keep that energy going by putting your vision board somewhere you’ll see it every day and connect to your vision of what you want your life to be like.

When you achieve one of those dreams, take it off your board and celebrate that success. When you acknowledg­e it, you generate a higher vibration that the universe hears and it responds with a ‘They liked that a lot, so I’ll send more their way!’

You attract more of your creating energy when you celebrate what you’ve achieved so far, which allows further manifestat­ions.

If you’re the sort of person who will be spurred on by giving your dreams and goals a timeline or deadline, then you can do that.

Set one goal for a year, another for five years, another for 10 years.

However, if putting a deadline on your goals can trigger a feeling of fear – ‘I’ll feel such a failure if I haven’t got the baby/house/perfect job or seen Machu Picchu this time next year’ – then forget the deadlines because fear of not meeting them will block your manifestin­g magic.


The key to making journaling a potent manifestat­ion tool is writing down your dreams and desires in the present tense, as if they’ve already happened.

By doing this, you create a feelgood effect and a high vibration that triggers the Law of Attraction. Your desires are high-vibrationa­l and so in order to attract them, you yourself have to be a vibrationa­l match. Connecting to the feelgood creates more feelgood feelings, which then manifests your desire more quickly because you feel the possibilit­y of it already existing. It’s like a magnet effect. You magnetise the desire closer to you.

Say you want to manifest a holiday in the Caribbean. You write about it in all its sun-drenched, paradise beach glory, as if you are ON that holiday right now. It might read something like this…

‘I’m at the airport and have been upgraded to business class for free! There’s so much space, champagne and a real knife and fork…. On the beach now, the view is out of this world. Turquoise sea and soft white sand straight out of that old Bounty advert.’

Let your imaginatio­n and desires run as wild and specific as you can. The more detail you are able to incorporat­e into your journaling, the stronger the desire, and the most important element is to only write about what feels good to you inside.


It sounds contradict­ory, but in order to get to where you want to be you need to feel gratitude with regard to where you are NOW, keeping the faith that everything and anything you desire is always possible.

A key to successful manifestat­ion is self-love and that involves nurturing yourself by doing whatever makes you feel good – yoga, dancing, cooking, soaking in the bath, reading a book, immersing yourself in nature.

When you do things that make you feel good, you feel the most YOU, and it’s really important to connect to who you truly are and your inner being when you are setting desires. Otherwise, the desires you set may not actually be authentic. They may be what you think you want, but can sometimes, in fact, be driven by our ego and subconscio­us fears.

‘When you’re doing whatever it is that makes you feel the true you, you enter a state of bliss,’ say the LOA Twins. ‘It’s such a shame some people don’t even know what it is that makes them

feel like this because they’re so caught up in the ‘doing’ of everyday life that they almost miss out on the optimism for their future.’

Make a list of all the things you would do if you didn’t have to go to work or fulfil a mountain of commitment­s.

Whenever you’re stressed or out of alignment, characteri­sed by feeling anxious, low in mood and apathetic, doing something from that list will bring you back to balance and harmony. This state generates love and contentmen­t from within you; often we look externally for it. You’ll be in a state of flow, empowering you to attract. Harmony allows you to connect positively with the future. When you feel content and happy your vibration increases and that helps attract the things you truly desire, with ease.

Here’s a tip. When you feel fear surroundin­g the future, go back to balance before you do your visualisin­g of your desires.


It really is horses for courses when it comes to meditation. Some people like sitting and OM-ing. Some think silence is golden. Others find a guided meditation works best for them.

And there are those who believe a walk in nature is the best form of meditation.

Whichever approach you take, the energy of it must feel right for you as creating comes from the heart. If it doesn’t feel good, this is a big sign that there is resistance in your desires which blocks your ability to harness the Law of Attraction and manifest what you want.

What matters is that your meditative process gives you the space and time to listen to what is going on within. From that place, you are connecting to the truth of what you are truly wanting to manifest, your genuine desires, and get a soul-deep answer to the question, ‘what do I really want?’

‘When you connect to your soul you quieten the fear, the noise and the ego and, by doing that, discover what you really want and know that it is possible,’ explain the LOA Twins.

‘You’ll open up more possibilit­ies to connect with, hear, see, feel and sense your desires. Your conscious mind can sometimes give you false desires or convince you that you don’t want something any more whereas, in fact, you do – you’re just scared that you won’t be able to have it.’

Spiritual connection

Each and every one of us has a non-physical team made up of our guides and angels.

Along with your higher self, your guides and Spirit are there to help you connect to your purpose and destiny. Each one has a very special role to support your journey and future.

‘By developing a strong spiritual connection with your team, you enrich your ability to be able to manifest because your guides and Spirit can see the blocks you currently feel and will nudge you in the direction of making manifestat­ion happen. That might be helping you release fear or take a leap of faith,’ say the LOA Twins.

Your spiritual team is right there, giving you support and often providing insight to help you along your way as they can see the wonder that lies ahead, which we often can’t perceive.

Think about when you get your tarot or oracle deck out and you choose a card or cards. The message you intuitivel­y choose comes from your guides who communicat­e it to you via

your higher self. It may be that the message will draw your attention to what is blocking your manifestat­ion journey. It might read, ‘you’re not listening’ or ‘you need to go within.’

To meet your higher self, connect to who you truly are and uncover your true dreams, try the LOA Twins’ Higher Self Healing Meditation exclusivel­y for Spirit & Destiny readers. Visit loatwins.com/spiritandd­estiny

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Make a vision board of all the things you want to attract into your life
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