Spirit and Destiny

Get out of your head!


If you read or hear something that goes against what you believe to be true, consider the possibilit­y there’s more to reality than you assumed. Be open minded.


Try everything at least once. Even if you feel that something scares you, won’t work for you or seems too crazy to attempt, do it anyway – at least once. Maybe even twice to make sure you gave it a fair chance! Opening yourself up to new possibilit­ies ushers in and strengthen­s the connection to your spirit guides.


Take time out if you feel frustrated or annoyed, perhaps in a situation where you don’t achieve the results you want straight away. Spirit guide communicat­ion takes practice. So, just take a break, be patient with yourself and try again tomorrow. A calm, stress-free mind will be more open to guidance.


Take what makes sense and leave the rest. If something doesn’t work for you, discard it from your spiritual toolbox. You’re the expert on your own life. You know best what serves you and what doesn’t. Remember you’re good enough already and have everything you need to start this journey. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and say out loud: ‘I am willing and able to connect with my spirit guides’.

To connect with your spirit guide you need to be open minded about the process. Yamile shares her top tips…

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