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This car­tridge is de­signed specif­i­cally for the sport­ing dis­ci­plines. It has a 28gr load of shot with five per cent an­ti­mony – which gives lead ex­tra hard­ness. Plas­tic and fi­bre wads are avail­able, and muz­zle ve­loc­ity is 1,400 feet per sec­ond. Hull de­signed the car­tridge with the help of 2014 World FITASC cham­pion and top coach Ed Solomons.

On­line price: £232.50 per 1,000.


This car­tridge has re­ceived high praise in the Shoot­ing UK fo­rum sec­tion, and it has also been voted Clay Car­tridge of the Year. With a muz­zle ve­loc­ity of 1,425 feet per sec­ond

it is quite fast, but re­coil is gen­tle. Shot sizes 7.5 and 9 are avail­able. Case length is 65mm, with plas­tic or fi­bre wads.

On­line price: £182.50 (plas­tic wad ver­sion).

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