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Do you think it makes a dif­fer­ence when choos­ing to buy flocked or un­flocked de­coys? Flocked crow de­coys seem to be a lot more ex­pen­sive and I have no­ticed that you don’t seem to use them.

There can be a price dif­fer­ence between flocked and un­flocked de­coys. Per­son­ally, I have a set of non-flocked with a flocked one in among them, which I ac­quired ran­domly. There is a dif­fer­ence when they are out in the field. The one flocked de­coy does ap­pear to be jet black and stand out bet­ter than the non-flocked. Hav­ing said that, my shoot­ing di­ary and films will prove that the non-flocked de­coys do a pretty good job at pulling birds in range. If I was to de­cide between flocked or buy­ing more de­coys, I would go for a num­bers game and buy more for my money. If bud­get wasn’t an is­sue, then I sup­pose flocked are the way for­ward.

Tom says:

Tom goes for the num­bers game when it comes to de­coys

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