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I am a rel­a­tively new gun, hav­ing only started shoot­ing about two years ago. I en­joy read­ing the var­ied ar­ti­cles in Sport­ing­gun be­cause they cover so many facets of our sport. One area that I don’t re­call see­ing cov­ered is shot­gun car­tridge reload­ing. With the wild­fowl­ing sea­son upon us, it would be very in­ter­est­ing to read about the process of reload­ing and hope­fully pick up some more tips and pointers for mak­ing those spe­cial loads that can’t be bought off the shelf.

Dale Dea­con, Brad­ford Ed –

I have been dis­cussing this sub­ject with our wild­fowl­ing writer, Tom Sykes. Nei­ther of us knows any­one who reloads their own shot­gun car­tridges and, to be hon­est, for some­thing like a 12-bore there is a vast ar­ray of car­tridges on the mar­ket from a va­ri­ety of car­tridge man­u­fac­tur­ers that are ideal for the pur­pose. How­ever, if you have a more ob­scure cal­i­bre, such as an 8-bore, then there might be some ar­gu­ment for reload­ing. How­ever, as it is, I doubt if it’s a sub­ject of mass in­ter­est, but I’m sure other read­ers will let me know if I’m wrong.

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