Let’s get dras­tic about plas­tic

Sporting Gun - - Letters - JAN­UARY 2019

I am in­ter­ested to know if any of the car­tridge man­u­fac­tur­ers in the UK plan to ad­dress the ev­er­in­creas­ing con­cern over plas­tic us­age.

Are man­u­fac­tur­ers be­ing pres­sured at all re­gard­ing their use of plas­tics? The amount of car­tridges fired over just one week­end cre­ates so much waste. Surely the shoot­ing com­mu­nity can ad­dress this is­sue and come up with a more sus­tain­able way to en­joy our sport?

El­liot Robert, York Ed –

You make an in­ter­est­ing point about plas­tic wads, El­liot. On the fore­shore they are un­avoid­able be­cause they pro­tect the bar­rel from steel shot. Also, you don’t tend to use many car­tridges on a wild­fowl­ing foray. How­ever, game shoot­ing is dif­fer­ent. Thou­sands of car­tridges go up in smoke. I tend only to use fi­bre, both for game and clay, but I think it would be good to have the de­bate and I will see if we can do an ar­ti­cle on this sub­ject.

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