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Do your dogs kill the rab­bits they catch? My lurcher tends to bring them back alive, but I have a mate who says his grey­hound breaks the rab­bit’s neck when he catches. The dog gets the bunny’s head in its jaws and stops, so that the rab­bit’s body goes over the head, break­ing its neck. Ed says: I would like to say no, they bring them all back live to hand, as that is what they should be do­ing. How­ever, while most of them do, some are “a bit hard-mouthed”, mean­ing the rab­bit is dead when they bring it back. I would pre­fer them to bring it back alive, but it is not the end of the world as I can sell them bruised or not. It is worth not­ing that while many lurchers will bring back a rab­bit live to hand, other lurchers learn that a dead rab­bit doesn’t kick the face. I hear all sorts of tales about dogs do­ing clever or strange things, some I’ve wit­nessed, oth­ers I’m un­likely to. If your friend has a dog that can do this, my ad­vice is ask him to see it in ac­tion as, with­out ev­i­dence, I sus­pect it could also clean the house and do your tax re­turn.

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