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Read­ers Robert Rooney and Robert Kel­way test the new Fausti Class RD over-and-un­der shot­gun in 20-bore ROBERT ROONEY ROBERT KEL­WAY

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First of all let’s iron out any con­fu­sion. In a bit of ge­nius plan­ning we man­aged to pick two reader testers with the same Chris­tian name. So, for this test we call Robert Rooney “Robert R” and Robert Kel­way “Robert K”. Be­tween the two Roberts they have nearly 100 years of shoot­ing ex­pe­ri­ence, both game and clay, so the Fausti Class RD 20-bore will be tested by read­ers with some se­ri­ous knowl­edge. But would the gun im­press these two ad­vanced shoot­ers?

Robert R is first to launch in with a crit­i­cism. “I re­ally don’t like the or­ange butt pad. It looks aw­ful on what is oth­er­wise a pretty gun.” Robert K puts the boot in as well: “I agree, the or­ange butt pad does not go with the gun.”

So, apart from the or­ange butt pad, is there any­thing else the pair don’t like about the look and style of the gun?


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Robert R launches in again. “I don’t like the beaver­tail fore-end,” he says, “I pre­fer schn­abel tip. It’s a per­sonal thing, rather like whether you like blonde or brunette women. I just like the look of a schn­abel tip.”

Robert K jokes: “These days I’m not fussy whether she’s a blonde or brunette,” but then gets more se­ri­ous and says he re­ally likes the fore-end be­cause it gives good con­trol. Not only that, he says, but “it’s a re­ally pretty gun. Slim and light. You could carry this round all day with ease.”

Robert R agrees: “It seems light even for a 20-bore and that is not a bad thing. The stock is the right di­men­sions for me as well.” The other Robert says that he is Mr Av­er­age when it comes to gun fit. “Most guns fit me,” he ex­plains.

Clay bust­ing

Robert K might be Mr Av­er­age when it comes to fit, but on the clay ground he is far from av­er­age. On the first stand he dusts some driven tar­gets fol­lowed by some fast crossers and doesn’t miss any of them. “That’s a very nice gun to shoot,” he says. “The bal­ance is good, it feels so light and it is easy to get on aim.” So far the Fausti is look­ing like a win­ner.

Robert R tries his hand at the same stand and also breaks most of the clays. “I missed a cou­ple but that was be­cause I am used to more bulky 12-bores and I was mov­ing the gun too fast.” He adds: “This is a beau­ti­ful gun. The sight pic­ture is per­fect for me and the gun feels so right.”

Could it be the good scores of the two Roberts are to do with the tar­gets be­ing too easy? To find out, the pair move on to a more chal­leng­ing stand, where the clays come from all an­gles. Robert R is first up. He com­poses him­self and then dusts the first pair of clays. He does well on the next pair, but then comes a fast crosser that catches him out. Robert K says: “That clay is the size of an as­pirin and trav­el­ling slower than it looks.” Once the other Robert hears this he is on the tar­get and smashes a pair of them. Does he still like the gun af­ter the more chal­leng­ing tar­gets? “I cer­tainly do,” he says. “It han­dles beau­ti­fully, es­pe­cially now I have got used to the light weight of the gun and I’m not mov­ing it too fast.”

Next Robert K steps up to the crease. He shoots well and comes away say­ing that the Fausti is in­deed a fine gun. “It looks good, apart from the or­ange butt pad and it’s a fan­tas­tic gun to use. I’m not one of these peo­ple who get worked up over guns. To me it’s a tool to do a job. I like the fact it’s light­weight and so will many shoot­ers.”

The only slight crit­i­cism Robert K has is that the re­stricted gape makes it dif­fi­cult to load a car­tridge into the sec­ond bar­rel. “This is a prob­lem you find with many Ital­ian overand-un­ders, such as Rizzini and Beretta. The shal­low ac­tions make it awk­ward to shove that car­tridge into the bot­tom bar­rel, but it’s some­thing I can live with.”

Would ei­ther of them buy the Fausti Class RD? Robert K again says he would. “It’s a lovely gun and you’d strug­gle to get bet­ter than this at this price point.”

Robert R adds: “If I was in the mar­ket for a new gun this would be on my short­list — even with the fore-end, and I’d change the butt pad. It han­dles su­perbly and even though I am used to chunkier guns, these slim Ital­ian guns are re­ally start­ing to grow on me.”

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