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QAI shoot clays semi reg­u­larly but I re­ally strug­gle to hit midi clays. Does any par­tic­u­lar rea­son spring to mind as to why they are fast be­com­ing my neme­sis?

DON BRUNT replies: As I haven’t seen you shoot I can’t com­ment on whether it’s your tech­nique, how­ever if midis are con­sis­tently caus­ing you a prob­lem then I think the so­lu­tion will be a fairly straight­for­ward one. Sim­ply put, you are prob­a­bly not com­pen­sat­ing men­tally for the smaller size of a midi clay (90mm vs 110mm of a stan­dard clay). Be­cause they are smaller they in­vari­ably look fur­ther away than they ac­tu­ally are, there­fore I sus­pect that you are giv­ing them far too much lead. Next time you shoot at a midi try to cut back your lead slightly; if you miss then keep cut­ting it back a little more with each shot.

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