Lit­tle help (or hin­drance) from her friends?

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My lurcher is ready to start lamp­ing. Should I run her with my friend’s dog so she can see what to do?


JACKIE DRAKEFORD replies: No, ab­so­lutely not. If you keep her on the slip you risk her get­ting frus­trated and mak­ing a noise, and if you run her at the same time as the other dog, col­li­sions and sub­se­quent in­jury are all too pos­si­ble. If one catches, the other dog may try to take the rab­bit, which can ruin its re­trieve very quickly.

As­sum­ing her re­call and re­trieve is sound, take her on her own and just give her a cou­ple of runs. Some peo­ple teach their lurcher to run down the beam and pick up a dummy be­fore they go out after rab­bits, but if yours isn’t keen on dum­mies, take her straight out on real quarry. She’ll soon catch on.

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