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QI mostly shoot clays at lo­cal shoots, and the vast ma­jor­ity of the places are fi­bre-wad only. I shoot a Beretta which is back-bored to re­duce re­coil, but a friend of mine said that back-bored bar­rels don’t work with fi­bre wad shells. Is that right?

ADON BRUNT replies: Your friend is right to an ex­tent. Back-bored bar­rels are a lit­tle wider in di­am­e­ter than bar­rels which use stan­dard pro­files. The is­sue is the gas seal in the bar­rels as the car­tridge is fired.

A plas­tic wad is flex­i­ble and as such it will spread out to pro­duce a tight seal with the bar­rel walls when un­der pres­sure. On the other hand, a fi­bre wad doesn’t have as much ‘give’ in it so won’t dis­tort enough to pro­duce a per­fect seal. With­out a tight seal, some of the pres­sure gen­er­ated by the pow­der is lost and with that loss of pres­sure there is a cor­re­spond­ing loss of en­ergy im­parted to the shot col­umn, which trans­lates into a re­duced ve­loc­ity and ar­guably a de­gree of in­con­sis­tency in per­for­mance.

Chances are you will have adapted to the per­for­mance of your gun/car­tridge com­bi­na­tion so I wouldn’t panic too much. How­ever, if you in­tend to mostly shoot fi­bres in the fu­ture, I would con­sider a gun with tighter tubes if you do change your gun at some point.

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