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What we think we are do­ing and what we are ac­tu­ally do­ing are not al­ways the same thing. You may think you gave that bird three feet of lead, when in re­al­ity you stopped the gun and missed be­hind. Imag­ine if you could re­play your shoot­ing in slow mo­tion and anal­yse what ac­tu­ally hap­pened when you took the shot. How use­ful would that be!?

Well, AimCam video glasses do ex­actly that. Un­like record­ing de­vices that are mounted onto the gun, the ad­justable mi­cro camera sits be­tween the lenses and can be po­si­tioned to ex­actly mimic your sight line down the rib to ac­cu­rately repli­cate what you are see­ing, re­gard­less of whether you are shoot­ing a high rib over-and-un­der, a flat side-by-side, or if you’ve a ten­dency to tilt your head to one side. The fo­cal length (dis­tance be­tween the lens and the ob­ject) is ex­act, which again helps the camera to cap­ture ex­actly the sight pic­ture you are see­ing your­self.

As well as play­ing the video back for anal­y­sis, or just for re­liv­ing and shar­ing great shoot­ing mo­ments, the AimCam is be­com­ing a valu­able tool for in­struc­tors, who can watch a live stream of their pupil’s ef­forts, see­ing ex­actly what they see and where they might be go­ing wrong. To top it off, they look the busi­ness and the lenses are top qual­ity, im­pact-re­sis­tant job­bies with all the rel­e­vant safety specs. Keep an eye out for fu­ture ap­pear­ances in these pages as we learn more about these awe­some video glasses.

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