In a sticky sit­u­a­tion?

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Q A fel­low beater once said he used su­per­glue to close a cut on his dog. Is this safe?


VICKY PAYNE replies: Glu­ing wounds in the field is not some­thing that I rec­om­mend. Even if you use proper tis­sue glue (which heats up less than su­per­glue), there is a real risk of seal­ing dirt into a wound lead­ing to wound break­down or an ab­scess later on.

If you haven’t been taught how to use glue, you may also keep the wound edges apart rather than hold­ing them to­gether, which pre­vents heal­ing.

Glue can be use­ful for tem­po­rary re­pairs of ear nicks and pad cuts, but prefer­ably af­ter learn­ing how to use it prop­erly.

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