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These are new to the mar­ket and claim to be “the fastest light-re­ac­tive glasses in the world” with the abil­ity to “re­duce glare in­stantly”.

Pow­ered by a unique “voltaic mi­crochip,” the whole thing sounded a bit Darth Vader to me, so I was keen to see if these claims were true, while rais­ing one eye­brow in my usual scep­ti­cal man­ner.

On Fri­day 19 Oc­to­ber, there was fi­nally a bright day with low sun in the Cotswolds! At 9.35am, the first drive of the day kicked off, and I was coach­ing a reg­u­lar client on high driven pheas­ants. He kept telling me he was los­ing sight of the birds com­ing out of the sun to his right with his pre­scrip­tion sun­glasses, while I could see them clearly through my Ko­modo Pros with­out any is­sues – an ex­cel­lent start, es­pe­cially when he tried them on at the end of the drive and sim­ply said: “or­der me a pair please”.

For the re­main­ing three drives of the day, they were hugely ben­e­fi­cial to me as a shoot­ing in­struc­tor. The glasses were handed around to the other Guns dur­ing the mid-morn­ing break, who had noth­ing but praise for the as­ton­ish­ing way the lenses in­stantly re­acted when look­ing from shade to full sun – faster than the blink of your eyes.

The over­all build qual­ity of the glasses is good, and I like the satin black fin­ish and the se­cure fit­ting when worn, with no in­di­ca­tion of move­ment when tilt­ing one’s head back quickly when fast birds are com­ing out of a snap-shoot­ing wood­land ride sit­u­a­tion.

An­other thing that is se­ri­ously help­ful, and that heav­ens above I hope you never have to put to the test, is that the poly­car­bon­ate lenses have been bal­lis­ti­cally tested at 20 yards with 28g of shot... with no in­di­ca­tion of pen­e­tra­tion.

I think the look and fit of these glasses is one of per­sonal pref­er­ence, with some think­ing they were very stylish and oth­ers say­ing they were a bit Ter­mi­na­tor-like. Some wished the lenses were a lit­tle larger with the ad­di­tion of an ad­justable nose bridge, while oth­ers didn’t want any­thing changed.

I’d sug­gest try­ing a pair on. They come with clip-in pre­scrip­tion frames as stan­dard, which you sim­ply hand to your op­ti­cian to have your lenses fit­ted. I thought that was a real win­ner. Here are a cou­ple of sec­ond opin­ions: Nick (pro­fes­sional pi­lot, well known for fly­ing ‘Stu­art’ the Min­ion hot air bal­loon, among other things): “Hav­ing tested the Ko­modo Pro glasses briefly, I found them to be very com­fort­able and sur­pris­ingly light, con­sid­er­ing the in-built tech­nol­ogy. The tran­si­tion time was very im­pres­sive and I would find them ex­tremely use­ful when fly­ing di­rectly into the sun, and close to the ground.

“The bonus of pre­scrip­tion lens in­serts in­cluded in the pack­age is an in­spired idea. I’d love to try them in real-time fly­ing con­di­tions.”

Nigel (rac­ing driver, who was off shortly to com­pete at Se­bring and Day­tona): “Re­ally sur­prised by the fast light tran­si­tion. A lit­tle un­sure about the colour of the dark tint, but it’s al­ways help­ful to see where you are go­ing at 200mph!”

As for me, they haven’t left my side when coach­ing on sunny days. I re­ally wish I’d got my hands on these back in the sum­mer.

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