Spokesman for the don’t bother party

Should we stay, or should we go? Jonathan Hawkins is go­ing to great lengths to tell us to ab­stain on EU

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A CY­CLIST is to call in on Run­nymede and Spelthorne as he ped­als the length of Bri­tain to get peo­ple to spoil their bal­lot pa­pers in the EU ref­er­en­dum.

Jonathan Hawkins, of Did­cot in Ox­ford­shire, started his 590-mile trek from Ed­in­burgh to West­min­ster last Thurs­day in a cam­paign to con­vince the public to vote ‘None of the above’ when they head to the polls next Thurs­day.

His per­sonal cru­sade will in­clude a fi­nal 19.2 miles from The Hythe in Staines to West­min­ster on June 21.

Mr Hawkins be­lieves that nei­ther the Remain nor Leave camps are giv­ing peo­ple the facts they need.

He says ei­ther would be bad for the coun­try and we should in­stead work with Eu­rope to solve prob­lems.

“This is a bad ref­er­en­dum with the wrong ques­tion,” he said. An In vote threat­ens democ­racy by ap­prov­ing the giv­ing away of our coun­try’s law-mak­ing pow­ers to Eu­rope. None of the or­di­nary peo­ple have said that it’s okay for Eu­rope to make laws.

“An Out vote throws out the po­ten­tial of a more ma­ture Eu­rope in fu­ture that works for the good of its na­tion states. There is an al­ter­na­tive. If enough peo­ple spoil their bal­lot pa­pers and put them in the box, it will send a clear sig­nal to the gov­ern­ment that Eu­rope needs re­for­mu­lat­ing.”

The cam­paiger wears a T-shirt em­bla­zoned with #VoteNone and a num­ber plate on his bi­cy­cle will read: “Agree? Hoot!”

Writ­ing on his blog page EUre­fVoteNone, he said: “We’re be­ing rail­roaded into mak­ing one of two bad de­ci­sions.

“So, when faced with two choices, let’s take the third.”

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