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Three years af­ter its launch at the ‘Steel, Steam & Stars IV’ gala of 2015, the £225,000 boiler ap­peal for No. 6880 Betton Grange has reached its tar­get. A do­na­tion of £1,000 un­der the 6880 Society’s ‘Adopt a Grange’ scheme placed the metaphor­i­cal nee­dle of the ap­peal’s ‘pres­sure gauge’ – al­lud­ing to the 225lbs/sq. in work­ing pres­sure of the ‘Grange’s Stan­dard No. 1 boiler – on the ‘red line’ on March 6. Pub­lic­ity Di­rec­tor Paul Ap­ple­ton said: “We still need £19,950 for the su­per­heater el­e­ments, plus an es­ti­mated £40,000 to fin­ish work on the bot­tom end and re­assem­bly. The main items to fund, apart from the su­per­heater el­e­ments, are the two main steam pipes.” The boiler – orig­i­nally from for­mer ‘Barry Ten’ Hawksworth ‘Mod­i­fied Hall’ No. 7927 Willing­ton Hall – is un­der over­haul at Ty­se­ley Lo­co­mo­tive Works, where the re­place­ment front bar­rel sec­tion has ar­rived and the new back­plate sec­tion is hav­ing its rivet holes drilled for at­tach­ment to the foun­da­tion ring.


An un­usual view of Betton Grange’s boiler (from Willing­ton Hall ) at Ty­se­ley, turned up­side down with the fire­box foun­da­tion ring at the top, show­ing the back­plate re­moved and the wa­ter space be­tween the in­ner fire­box and outer wrap­per.

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