LSWR ‘0395’ 0-6-0

Steam Railway (UK) - - ‘GREAT WAR’ MALLETS -

Be­fore the war: Although best known for his

‘Ra­dial’ and ‘O2’ tank lo­co­mo­tives, William

Adams also de­signed other types, in­clud­ing the ‘0395’ 0-6-0. Dubbed ‘Il­fra­combe Goods’, some 70 were built in two dis­tinct batches be­tween 1881 and 1883 and 1885-86.

The 1885-86 batch had some un­der-the­skin tweaks and be­came the ‘0496’ class, although the two were out­wardly iden­ti­cal.

Call-up: The ROD req­ui­si­tioned 50 ‘0395s’ in

1916: (in nu­mer­i­cal or­der) Nos. 395/96/98/99,

401-06, 156-59, 434/35/37/38/43/44,

164-66/ 27/28/30/71, 105, 134, 148, 497-505/07/08/10-15, 168, 172/74/75.

The­atre of op­er­a­tions: The Salonika cam­paign saw Bri­tish and French forces fight­ing along­side Ser­bian troops against

Bul­garia and Aus­tria. Five ‘0395s’,

Nos. 134/57/75, 435 and 511, were sent to the Salonika cam­paign. Nos. 156/74, 402/03/43/98 and 500/04/05 went to Me­sopotamia (now Iraq/Kuwait); 36 were sent to Pales­tine (four were lost en route). Nos. 434/37 and 512 were trans­ferred to Me­sopotamia in 1918.

De­mo­bil­i­sa­tion: Pales­tine Rail­ways in­her­ited 29 ‘0395s’. Most were scrapped in the 1920s but at least seven lasted un­til the late 1930s. The Me­sopotamian lo­co­mo­tives were scrapped at roughly the same time. Five be­came Ser­bian State Rail­ways’ prop­erty. BR in­her­ited 18 ‘0395s’. The last, No. 30567, was with­drawn in Septem­ber 1959.

Sur­vivors: No ‘0395s’ sur­vive in preser­va­tion.


Adams ‘0395’ 0-6-0 No. 30567 at Lon­don Vic­to­ria on Jan­uary 25 1959. This was one of the 20 ‘Il­fra­combe Goods’ not req­ui­si­tioned by the ROD. It was with­drawn in Oc­to­ber 1959.

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