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Parts for the ‘P2’ are avail­able for spon­sor­ship over the 12 days of Christ­mas. They are: 1st day: Ex­haust in­jec­tor, £15,000 2nd day: Two pony truck tyres, £1,200 each

3rd day: Three pis­ton crosshead cot­ters, £300 each

4th day: Four pony truck ad­just­ment ring halves, £250 each

5th day: Five foun­da­tion ring washout door es­cutcheons, £70 each

6th day: Six in­let valves, £1,200-£1,800 each

7th day: Seven up­per su­per­heater el­e­ments, £900 each

8th day: Eight foot­plate brack­ets, £350-£700 each

9th day: Nine buf­fer springs, £65-£170 each

10th day: Ten horn stay bolts and slot­ted nuts, £30 each

11th day: Eleven frame stays, £300-£6,900 each

12th day: Twelve valve cover cast­ings, £100 each

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