Trains Ga­lore, Special Auc­tion Ser­vices, 81 Green­ham Busi­ness Park, New­bury, Berk­shire RG19 6HW. Wednesday De­cem­ber 12.­

Steam Railway (UK) - - NEWS| NEW-BUILD -

LOT 752 BR(W) enamel sta­tion totem sign

Bed­wyn. ES­TI­MATE £400-600 LOT 762 BR(M) enamel sta­tion totem sign

Sil­loth. ES­TI­MATE £400-600

LOT 764 SR enamel sta­tion tar­get sign West St Leonards. ES­TI­MATE £250-350

LOT 765 BR(S) enamel sta­tion totem sign West St Leonards. ES­TI­MATE £250-350 LOT 766 SR cast brass name­plate Christ’s Hospi­tal ex-‘Schools’ class 4-4-0 No. 913/30913. Pur­chased by an Eastleigh works em­ployee for £15 at the time of scrap­ping. ES­TI­MATE £10,000-12,000

LOT 767 GWR cast brass name­plate Tal­is­man ex-‘Saint’ class 4-6-0 No. 2989.

ES­TI­MATE £4,500-5,500

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