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Family raises cash for hospital ‘cuddle bed’


Strathcarr­on Hospice was this week able to buy a much needed bed that allows patients to snuggle with their loved ones thanks to one generous family.

David Addison and his family decided to raise cash to help the hospice that cared for his mum, Caroline, in her final days.

The family held a special event that included more than 150 raffle prizes. They managed to attract around 170 people to the event and raised over £6,000.

David said:“We had a fundraiser to give something back to the hospice for what they did for my mum and many other people and families, including us.

“Our goal was a £1,000 and we absolutely smashed it and raised over £6,238 and counting.

“We have requested that our money goes towards the‘cuddle bed’that the hospice so desperatel­y want. And the hospice got to the target they needed to get this bed, so us as a family are so happy that the next families and friends can create memories that can be cherished forever.”

David’s mum, Caroline (53), passed away at the hospice back in August. He added:“My mum had terminal cancer, and lasted almost nine weeks. During those nine weeks I married my partner, Fiona, in my mum’s living room, and my wedding pictures were took in my mums garden.

“The smile on my mum’s face that day I will have forever in my heart.

“She was the strongest person I have ever met, the rule for visiting was no tears and snotters and if you did you got sent home. She was truly special and her strength is what kept her going.”

The hospice had been in the process of a fundraisin­g campaign to try and raise the money for the bed.

A spokespers­on for Strathcarr­on Hospice said:“The difference a‘cuddle bed’will make to patients and their families here at the Hospice means everything. It will enable families to live life as they would in their own home and cuddle together as the Autumn nights draw in.”

 ??  ?? Caring The Addisons with hospice staff and inset, Caroline during her treatment at the hospice
Caring The Addisons with hospice staff and inset, Caroline during her treatment at the hospice
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