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Ladies recognised for work at military camp


Twenty-three ladies were 100 years ago presented with ornamental badges in recognitio­n of their work on behalf of the YMCA at the military camp in Cambusbarr­on.

The Countess of Mar and Kellie presented the badges at a ceremony attended by a host of dignitarie­s at South UF Church Hall, Stirling.

YMCA establishe­d recreation centres across the UK, providing tea, sandwiches, refreshmen­ts and reading materials for soldiers.

Receiving the badges were: Mrs D Kinross, Windsor Place; Mrs Crawford, Glebe Avenue; Mrs Currie, King Street; Mrs Forgan, Randolph Road; Mrs Goudie, Royal Gardens; Mrs Lawson, Castleview; Mrs Reid, Alexandra Place; Mrs Stewart, The Homesteads; Miss Burden and Miss Jean Burden, The Ridge; Miss Helen Colquhoun, Royal Gardens; Miss Gardner, Glebe Avenue; Miss Ethel Graham, Gladstone Place; Miss Jenkins, Clifford Road; Miss Eliza Jenkins, Clifford Road; Miss Elsie Kinross and Miss Margaret Kinross, Park Terrace; Miss McEwen, Allan Park ; Miss Catherine McNeill, Melville Terrace; Miss Murray, Seaforth Place; Miss Russell, Port Street; Miss Taylor, King Street; Miss Whyte, Holly Bank, and Miss Wingate , Victoria Place.

Thanks were also extended to the office bearers of the South UF Church for allowing their hall to be used for the benefit of the soldiers.

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