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Water voles are not newcomers to area


Dear Editor

I feel the need to write to you to correct an assumption that the Forest Enterprise has put out on water voles (Observer, October 27).

It is true that they did indeed purchase and introduce wild water voles in their areas, but did not reintroduc­e them to the Trossachs National Park as they have been in existence for more than 30 years and have bred and populated happily for all of these years.

It must also be assumed that they came to be in existence within this area prior to 30 years as they were here before I came to this estate.

Having spoken to the previous owner of the estate he also stated they were here during all of his ownership of the estate since 1957.

While we are delighted to hear of their successful programme we are puzzled at how they can claim to reintroduc­e a species that was already here and breeding. Indeed we had spoken to Forestry Commission at the start of their project and told them they were already here and breeding.

The national park has just done a water vole count and have found our voles breeding happily on many areas of the estate.

As for the RSPB Nature of Scotland Award. Nope, they do not warrant this award as they were already here.

Neil Campbell Estate Manager Comer Estate Kinlochard

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