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Wed­nes­day, Oc­to­ber 3 UA sold 1450 store cat­tle and 282 cast cows and for­ward cat­tle. Bul­locks (671) av­er­aged 194.03p to 246.40p per kg for a 483kg AAX from High Glen­triplock and £1285 for a 666kg CHX from Bute­land. B&W Bul­locks (125) av­er­aged 126.56p to 156.20p per kg for a 536kg BFX from High Bran­hal and to £840 for a 536kg BFX from High Bran­chal. Heifers (654) av­er­aged 194.49p to 246.40p per kg for a 280kg LimX from Gate­side and to £1230 for a 582kg CHX from Kirk­land. Beef Cows (240) av­er­aged 109.85p to 204.60p per kg for an LimX from Pit­cairn and to £1410 for a CHX from Fal­len­inch. Dairy Cows (37) av­er­aged 91.93p to 142.30p per kg for a HOX from Bandirran and to £965 for a HOX from Bandirran. For­ward Cat­tle (5) av­er­aged 166.06p to 170.40p per kg for a LimX from Gar­vald Mains and to £1090 for an LuiX from Dru­moi­der. Bul­locks: 251-300kgs - Gate­side£655, 239.1p; 301-350kgs - Gate­side £785, Mil­ton of Lurg 239.5p; 351-400kgs Bute­land £890, 236.1p; 401-450kgs - North Th­reave £1040, Cross­wood Hill 238.3p; 451-500kgs - High Glen- triplock £1200, 246.4p; 501-551kgs - Bale­greg­gan £1150, Gate­side 225.1p; 552-601kgs – Bale­greg­gan £1215, Hat­ton of Newtyle 209.8p; 652-701kgs - Bute­land £1285, 192.9p. Heifers: 251-300kgs - Gate­side £690, 246.4p; 301-350kg - Gate­side £760, Bute­land 227.5p; 351-400kgs - Bute­land £880, 226.2p; 401-450kgs - Bro­gan Farms £1030, 246.3p; 451-500kgs - Pit­cairn £1050, High Glen­triplock; 501-551kgs - Hay­field £1160, 219.7p; 552-601kgs - Kirk­land £1230, 211.3p; 602-651kgs - Gate­side £1060, 174.9p. OTM Cows: per head- Fal­len­inch (CH) £1410, Gar­vald Mains (Lim) £1310, Gar­vald Mains (Sim) £1150, Burn­side of Bal­haldie (AA) £1090, Dru­moi­der (Lui) £1010. Per kg - Pit­cairn (Lim) 204.60p, Dru­moi­der (Lui) 166.70p, Fal­len­inch (CH) 159.60p, Gar­vald Mains (Sim) 154.20p, Lit­tle Balquhom­rie (AA) 151.90p. OTM Bulls: per head - Nether Dalkeith (Lim) £1370, Rough­lands (AA) £1330, Wester Auchen­car­roch (CH) £1190, Hart­wood Home Farm (Sim) £1090, Scot­starvit (BS) £1070. Per kg - Gate­side (Lim) 137.90p, Rough­lands (AA) 126.20p, Hart­wood Home Farm (Sim) 103.60p, Wester Auchen­car­roch (CH) 103.50, Scot­starvit (BS) 97.10p. Thurs­day, Oc­to­ber 4 UA sold 4132 prime sheep com­pris­ing of 2622 prime lambs sell­ing to an aver­age of 164.38p and 1510 ewes and rams. Lambs (2622) – Over But­ter­gask (Tex) £98.00; Pett (BTex) £94.00; Bankhead (Cha) £87.00; Lit­tle Raith (Suff) £86.00; Woodned (Cross) £80.50; Gar­vald Mains (Chev) £78.00; Pow­black (Hamp) £78.00; Balthay­ock (Lley) £78.00; Bala­fark (Mule) £77.00; Inch Cattage (BF) £67.50. Lambs (2622) – Pett (BTex) 207ppk; Easter Green­hill (Tex) 190ppk; Putechan (Cross) 178ppk; Luss Est & Ciar-Mhor (Cha) 173ppk; Bala­fark (Mule) 173ppk; Higham (Suf) 172ppk; Bleg­bie (Chev) 171ppk; Balthay­ock (Lley) 165ppk; Inch Cattage (BF) 161ppk. Ewes (1510) – Cairn (Tex) £114; Hill of Er­rol (Chev/Mule) £86.00; Gather­cauld (Chev) £85.00; Lit­tle Balquhom­rie (Suf) £83.00; Bourach­beg (Cha) £81.00; Cairn (Cross) £78.00; Lit­tle Balquhom­rie (BFL) £69.00; Easter­ton (Mule) £67.00; Balthay­ock (Lley) £64.00; Ruch­law (BF) £49.00. Tups- Forter (Tex) £86.00; Up­per Muir­house (BFL) £72.00; Up­per Muir­house (Chev) £72.00; Low Glen­ram­skill (BF) £67.00. for­ward would be slightly cheaper on the week. Heifers sold to 255p (twice) for Li­mousins from J H and N T Turn­bull, Mead­owend, Clack­man­nan and T H Gray, Balquhar­rage, Len­nox­town pur­chased by Hugh A Black and Sons, Stir­ling and G Kirk and Son, Butcher, Denny and to £1603 from Brock­woodlees, Canon­bie. Bul­locks to 242p for a Li­mousin from J and J Wylie, Knock­house, Dun­fermline pur­chased by T John­ston, Butcher, Falkirk and to £1665 from C Smith, South Flan­ders, Kippen. Lead­ing prices: Heifers per kg - 250p, 242p and 240p Brock­woodlees; 242p and 238p Class­lochie, Broadleys, Fask­ine & Mead­owend; 235p Broadleys; 230p Learielaw, Balquhar­rage and Fask­ine; 228p (twice) Broadleys and An­n­field. Bul­locks per kg - 240p Seg­gers­dean, Knock­house & Brock­woodlees; 238p Learielaw, Class­lochie, Knock­house and Bankhead (Kerr); 235p Knock­house; 232p Balquhar­rage; 230p Craig­ton and Fask­ine. Also for­ward were 64 OTM cat­tle. A mix­ture of qual­ity of Beef Cows and a small show of Dairy Cows for­ward, beef cows av­er­aged 121p sell­ing to 195p for an out­stand­ing Li­mousin cross from J H and N T Turn­bull and to £1520 from the same home. Cast males sold to 154p from J F R Verel, Hal­lquar­ter, St Nini­ans and to £1140 for a Li­mousin from A and J Mar­shall, Mains of Struie, For­gan­denny. Dairy cows sold to £720 from P John­ston, Glen­rigg, Falkirk. Other lead­ing prices: beef cows per head - £1430 and £1420 Mead­owend; £1300 and £1230 Mead­owend; £1000 Hal­lquar­ter. Beef cows per kg - 168p Dougall Es­tate; 160p Mead­owend; 155p Green­bank; 153p Mead­owend; 146p Green­bank. Mon­day, Oc­to­ber 8 Ca­ley Marts had for­ward 1932 store lambs and feed­ing ewes. Store lambs (1595) sold to a top of £67 for a pen of Texel Lambs from C Hastie, Easter Gart­far­ran, Gart­ness. Ewes (337) sold to £58 from J McNi­col, Pen­dre­ich, Bridge of Al­lan. All classes of lamb were a sim­i­lar trade to that of last week. Lead­ing prices: Bel­tex X £61 Bala­fark; Bel­tex £60 Craig­mad; Con­ti­nen­tal £60 Stron­ma­gachan; Texel £59 Wood­cock­dale; Mule £58 Lei­then­wa­ter and Malling; Con­ti­nen­tal £58 Men­teith Cres; Suf­folk £57 Bal­labeg; BF £57 Drum­mond Es­tate; Mule Ewe Lambs £68 Lei­then­wa­ter. Feed­ing ewe lead­ing prices: Texel £45 Pen­dre­ich; Che­viot £45 Men­teith Cres; BF (Cor­rect) £44 Lei­then­wa­ter; Mule £42 Pen­dre­ich; Suf­folk £40 Men­teith Cres; BF £31 Drum­mond.

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