‘How bad does it need to get be­fore some­thing is done?’

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Chan­cel­lor of Ex­che­quer Philip Ham­mond’s de­ci­sion to cut busi­ness rates south of the bor­der prompted a po­lit­i­cal row be­tween Tories and the SNP in last Fri­day’s Ob­server (Novem­ber 2, 2018).

Stir­ling MP Stephen Kerr called on the Scot­tish Govern­ment to in­tro­duce a sim­i­lar mea­sure to stem the tide of re­tail ca­su­al­ties in the city cen­tre. The SNP said min­is­ters had al­ready re­moved busi­ness rates li­a­bil­ity from 2500 small busi­ness in Stir­ling. Here is what our so­cial me­dia com­men­ta­tors had to say.

Brenda Kay : `Typ­i­cal Stephen Kerr. Give us a so­lu­tion Stephen, in­stead of just blam­ing SNP, again.’

Christo­pher Hill: `High Streets in the old for­mat are over and the in­ter­net is king th­ese days. Move with the times or get washed away. Peo­ple want ex­pe­ri­ences not out of date, over-priced shops.’

Grant Robert­son: `Be­cause we’re not as much of a `ghost town’ as some other towns near by, it’s not a prob­lem? There’s not a sin­gle street with­out a hand­ful of empty shops in Stir­ling. The list of shops to close this year alone should be enough to make the coun­cil wake up and recog­nise there’s a prob­lem. They need to be more proac­tive than re­ac­tive as shops are al­ready dis­ap­pear­ing on a monthly ba­sis. Deben­hams was last fea­tured in Stir­ling as be­ing at risk and just yes­ter­day New Look was said to be clos­ing up to 100 stores in the UK. So how bad does it need to get be­fore they do any­thing?’

John J Ben­nett posted : ` McAree’s closes down cit­ing busi­ness rates as the main rea­son. The SNP re­sponse `there’s no prob­lem here’. Head in sand?’

In last Fri­day’s Ob­server , we also re­ported that Stir­ling Coun­cil had con­firmed plans for a 20mph zone through Kip­pen.

Vil­lagers were wor­ried about the speed of cars pass­ing the vil­lage school.

Paul Camp­bel said: `It’s a bit hard to drive faster than 20mph any­way with all the cars aban­doned every­where in the main street.’

Neil McAl­lis­ter: `The prob­lem isn’t the peo­ple do­ing 30mph, it’s the ones that are do­ing 40mph and above and I can’t see them chang­ing the speed due to a sign say­ing 20. As for the school, due to cars parked there it’s pretty hard to do more than 20mph any­way.’

Sara Maria: `It would be nice if speed was re­duced in the Car­ron Val­ley as it’s 40mph past houses with no pave­ments. Fre­quently, I have asked the coun­cil for it to be 30mph but noth­ing has been done.’

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