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Wed­nes­day, Novem­ber 28 UA sold 647 store cat­tle, na­tive bred cat­tle and young bulls also 147 cast cows and 106 breed­ing cat­tle. Bul­locks (416) av­er­aged 195.04p to 260.60p per kg for a 284kg CHX from Sorn Mains, and to £1380 for a 699kg AAX from Holm­byre. Dairy bul­locks (24) av­er­aged 131.15p to 162.40p per kg for a 542kg BFX from Gate­side, and to £880 for a 542kg BFX from Gate­side. Heifers (185) av­er­aged 188.21p to 228.40p per kg for a 464kg LimX from East Saucher, and to £1160 for a 608kg LimX from Elm­scle­ugh. Young bulls (22) av­er­aged 193.19p to 225.60p per kg for a BRBX from Easter Green­hill, and to £650 for a BRBX from Easter Green­hill. Beef cows (137) av­er­aged 114.05p to 185.70p per kg for a BRBX from Char­ter­shall, and to £1370 for a CHX from Ne­w­house of Glamis. Dairy cows (10) av­er­aged 75.33p to 114.30p per kg for a HFX from Kirk­ton of Beath and to £805 for a HFX from Nyadd. Bul­locks: Up to 250kgs - Cauld­coates £400, 177.8p; 251-300kgs - Sorn Mains £750, 260.6p; 301-350kgs Sorn Mains £820, 238.4p; 351-400kgs - Sheil­hill £910, 228.6p; 401-450kgs -Braen­dam £950, 222.5p; 451500kgs - Elm­scle­ugh £1070, 226.7p; 501-551kgs - Starr £1175, Elm­scle­ugh 216.4p; 552-601kgs – The Hill £1220, Starr 211.4p; 602-651kgs - Elm­scle­ugh £1220, 194.3p; 652-701kgs - Holm­byre £1380, 197.4p. Heifers: Up to 250kgs - Cauld­coates £340, Dru­mar­doch 141.6p; 251300kgs - Ward­park £550, Dry­gate 200.8p; 301-350kg - East Buchanty £705, 212.3p; 351-400kgs - Bow­leys £800, 211.2p; 401-450kgs - West Quar­ter £950, 211.7p; 451-500kgs East Saucher £1060, 228.4p; 501551kgs - Elm­scle­ugh £1150, 220.3p; 552-601kgs - Mid­lock £1145, 194.7p; 602-651kgs - Elm­scle­ugh £1160, 190.8p. Young bulls: 251-300kgs - Easter Green­hill £650, 225.6p; 301-350kgs Easter Green­hill £640, 209.2p. OTM cows: per head - Ne­w­house of Glamis (CH) £1370, Ne­w­house of Glamis (Lim) £1330, Char­ter­shall (BRB) £1270, Kin­cragie (Sim) £1130, Easter Mid­dle­ton (AA) £1110. Per kg - Char­ter­shall (Lim) 185.70p, Nether­ton (CH) 176.80p, Char­ter­shall (BRB) 159.50p, Easter Mid­dle­ton (AA) 158.10p, Kin­cragie (Sim) 151.10p. OTM Bulls: per head- Muck­raw (Sim) £1070. Per kg - Muck­raw (Sim) 150.70p. Breed­ing Cat­tle: SimX cow and CH bull calf - £2700 West Gor­mack; SD cow and CH bull calf - £2450 West Gor­mack; AA cow and AA bull calf - £2100 West Gor­mack; AAX cow and CH bull calf - £2300 (twice) West Gor­mack; AAX cow and CH heifer calf - £2400 West Gor­mack; AAX cow and AA heifer calf - £2250 West Gor­mack; Charo­lais bulls (4 ½ yo) £3100, £2700 West Gor­mack. Mon­day, De­cem­ber 3 Ca­ley Marts had a cat­a­logue en­try of 10,432 store lambs and feed­ing ewes, an ex­cel­lent en­try for­ward con­sid­er­ing the scarcity of store lambs this year due to the Beast from the East. Lambs were shown in ex­cel­lent bloom con­sid­er­ing the re­cent wet spell. An ex­cel­lent ringside of buy­ers for­ward with many from the North East of Scot­land and many from south of the Bor­der and as far away as Wales, Nor­folk and Not­ting­ham. Store lambs (9746) av­er­aged £62.87 (+£6.87 on the year) selling to a top of £99 for a Bel­tex. Feed­ing ewes (512) av­er­aged £38.02 (+£5.18) selling to a top price of £84 for Tex­els. Judge on the day was John Kerr, Mid­town, Cas­tle Dou­glas and the fol­low­ing were his awards: Cham­pion Pen and first prize (Bel­tex Lambs): M Kennedy, Lur­gan for a pen of 90 at £99 pur­chased by John Gil­vear, Graystale. Re­serve Cham­pion and first prize (Texel Lambs): B Gud­mund­son, Goudiegrannet for 25 at £82 pur­chased by Joe Marrs, Broomhill, Or­ton. The show was kindly spon­sored by NFU Mu­tual (Stir­ling); J Cooper and Co; J Gil­vear and Sons; and The Mart Café. Other lead­ing prizes: Bel­tex – 2 White­cross £84; 3 – New­ton of Lo­gierait £86; Texel – 2 Baluskie £76; 3 Easter Dul­latur £74.50; Suf­folk - 1 Baluskie £75; 2 Coull £73; 3 Devon­shaw £73; Mule - 1 Poltal­loch £65; 2 Coull £63.50; 3 West Kelt £64; BF - 1 Bris­bane Glen £66; 2 Ard­chon­nel £56; 3 Glen­tur­ret £61. In­di­vid­ual av­er­ages: Suf­folk lambs £68.07 (+£3.19 on the year); Texel lambs £65.68 (+£3.09); Bel­tex lambs £77.07 (+£6.15); Mule lambs £58.27 (+£3.83); BF lambs £44.10 (+£8.33). Lead­ing prices out­with the show: Bel­tex £85 Coull; Bel­tex X £84 Park­head; Con­ti­nen­tal £83 Auchen­hill; Texel £80 New­ton of Lo­gierait and Bankhead; Suf­folk £79 Goudiegrannet; Suf­folk X £73 Le­sk­ine; Che­viot £70 Baluskie and Bal­neathill; Mule £73 Burn­head; BF £60.50 Town­head. Wed­nes­day, De­cem­ber 5 UA sold 405 store cat­tle, also show and sale of 236 cast cows and 1457 store and feed­ing sheep. Bul­locks (224) av­er­aged 206.30p to 258.80ppk for a 340kg CHX from Ash­mark and to £1315 for 688kg CHX from Shor­trigg. B&W bul­locks (31) av­er­aged 133.00p to 148.70p for a 501kg HFX from Low Ard­well, and to £790 for a 546kg HFX from Wester White­field. Heifers (149) av­er­aged 199.42p to 223.90ppk for a 355kg CHX from Ash­mark, and to £1230 for a 572kg LimX from Elm­scle­ugh. Cast cows (209) av­er­aged 104.20p to 219.80ppk for a LimX from Muir­houses and to £1420 for a LimX from Muir­houses. Dairy cows (22) av­er­aged 76.70p and to 98.90ppk for a HFX from Lynn, and to £775 for a HOX from Dru­malea. Bul­locks: Upto 250kg – Lower Luthrie £585, Gate­side 256.50p 251300kgsWest­bank £450, 163.00p; 301-350kgs- Ash­mark £880, 258.80p; 351-400kgs- Red­house £860, 219.90p; 401-450kgs- Ash­mark £1000, 237.00p; 451-500kgs- Knock­naha £1120, 224.40p; 501-550kgs- Drum­tee £1125, Graystale 219.10p; 551-600kgs – Holme­byre £1260, 210.40p; 601-650kgsShor­trigg £1250, 206.00p; 651-700kgsShor­trigg £1315, 191.10p. Heifers: Upto 250kg – Gri­bloch £550, Lower Luthrie 223.30p 301350kgAsh­mark £670, 213.40p; 351-400kgs- Ash­mark £795, 223.90p; 401-450kgs- Lo­gie £940, 214.10p; 451500kgsLo­gie £1040, 221.70p; 501550kgsKnock­naha £1120, 214.60p; 551-600kgs- Elm­scle­ugh £1230, Lo­gie 221.90p; Christ­mas show and sale of cows: Cham­pion in yard was from M/S McLaren, Muir­houses, Kir­riemuir, with a tremen­dous three year old Lim heifer, mak­ing £1420 to the judge Mr An­drew In­gram, Huntly. Cows prize list - Cross Beef Cow: 1 McLaren, Muir­houses £985; 2 McLaren, Muir­houses £1290; 3 For­rest. Hil­lend £1250. Pedi­gree Beef Cow: 1 Wain­wright, Tod­hall £1170; 2 Struthers, Green­bank £1210; 3 Struthers, Green­bank £1250. Dairy Cow - 1 Smith, Dru­malea £755; 2 Smith Dru­malea £775. Beef Bull - 1 Lyle, Cam­bushin­nie £1270; 2 Inglis, Dalachy £1370; 3 Inglis, Dalachy £1250. OTM cows: per head – Muir­houses (Lim) £1420; Muir­houses (BRB) £1290; Fall­side (CH) £1130; Over­hill House (SIM) £1090; Castle­hill (AA) £1070. Per kg - Muir­houses (Lim) 219.80p; Castle­hill (AA) 176.60p; Fall­side (BRB) 176.60p; Drum­lochy (CH) 142.70p; Over­hill House (SIM) 133.90p. OTM Bulls: per head - Tod­hall (Lim) £1430; Over­hill House (SIM) £1410; Char­ter­shall (AA) £1270; Mid Cam­bushin­nie (CH) £1270; South Brown­hill (BA) £1190; Dru­moi­der (BRB) £1130. Per kg - Over­hill House (Sim) 179.80p; Dru­moi­der (BRB) 160.50p; South Brown­hill (BA) 142.00p; Tod­hall (LIM) 134.10p; Mid Cam­bushin­nie (CH) 104.60p; Craig (AA) 94.20p Store sheep lead­ing prices: Store Lambs – Dalma­hoy (Suff) £73.00; £69.00, £68.50; Godlen­lea Farm­ers (Lleyn) £73.00; £69.50; £60.00; Scart (Tex) £71.50; Wester Coul (Tex) £66.00; Lon­grigg (Tex) £65.00; Scart (Mule) £60.00; Rhod­ders (BF) £61.00; Dalma­hoy (BF) £66.50; Rhod­ders (BF) £55.00. Thurs­day, Novem­ber 29 Ca­ley Marts sold 195 cat­trle com­pris­ing 114 prime bul­locks, heifers and young bulls and 81 OTM cat­tle. All classes of prime cat­tle would be slightly dearer on the week, and many more could have been sold. Prime bul­locks av­er­aged 216p; prime heifers 224p; beef OTMs 121p and dairy OTMs 82p. Bul­locks sold to 260p for a Li­mousin from MI Wain­wright and Sons, Tod­hall, Cu­par pur­chased by J Hastie, Com­mer­cial Street, Mark­inch and to £1649 for a Sim­men­tal from C Smith, South Flan­ders, Kip­pen. Heifers to 262p for a Li­mousin from W Dandie and Sons, Learielaw, Brox­burn to D Camp­bell and Sons, An­caster Square, Cal­lan­der and to £1625 for a Blonde D’Aquitaine from W Young and Son, Tem­ple­hall, Auchter­tool. Bulls sold to 220p for a Li­mousin from Dalchirla Farms, Muthill to J F Fin­lay Ltd, Wishaw and to £1489 for a Li­mousin from W Dick and Sons, Mains of Throsk, Stir­ling. Lead­ing prices: bul­locks per kg 258p Mead­owend; 255p Tod­hall; 250p Mer­rick (Port­patrick) and Learielaw; 248p Learielaw; 238p Balquhar­rage; 235p Fask­ine; 232p Knock­house and Mer­rick; 230p Moor­field, Mer­rick and Balquhar­rage. Heifers per kg - 255p (twice) Mead­owend; 252p Ramornie and Learielaw; 248p Easter Ochter­muthill; 245p Turniemoon and Fask­ine; 240p Mer­rick, Over Inzievar and Easter Ochter­muthill; 238p Mer­rick and Knock­house; 235p Bog­leys, Knock­house, Fask­ine, Mer­rick and Easter Ochter­muthill. Young bulls per kg - 212p Dalchirla Farms; 205p Airthrey Kerse. Bul­locks per head - £1649 and £1579 South Flan­ders; £1591 Tod­hall; £1555 Learielaw; £1542 Tem­ple­hall; £1540 and £1532 Mer­rick. Heifers per head - £1597 Learielaw; £1576 Tem­ple­hall and Mer­rick; £1516 Gil­lan­der­s­land; £1512 An­gle Park. Also for­ward were 81 OTM cat­tle. Fin­ished beef OTMs av­er­aged 121p selling to 166p for a Bri­tish Blue from J Robert­son, New­ton of Lo­gierait, Ballinluig and to £1290 for a Blonde D’Aquitaine from J and M Camp­bell, Forthview, Man­ner­ston. The over­all av­er­age lev­elled out at 108p (in­clud­ing feed­ing cows). Dairy cows av­er­aged 82p selling to 98p from W Waugh, North Bankhead, Avon­bridge and to £770 from S and M Dal­gleish, Bal­go­wnie Mains, Cul­ross. Cast bulls sold to £980 from AH Fisher, Mer­rick, Wig­ton­shire. Other lead­ing prices: Beef OTMs per kg - 161p and 155p Up­per Kin­neil; 153p New­ton of Lo­gierait; 142p New­ton of Lo­gierait and Green­bank; 140p Green­bank; 138p Car­ris­ton and Forthview. Dairy cows per kg - 95p North Bankhead; 94p Bal­go­wnie Mains; 90p High Cat­tadale. Beef OTMs per head - £1220 Up­per Kin­neil; £1190 New­ton of Lo­gierait; £1160 Up­per Kin­neil; £1090 New­ton of Lo­gierait; £1080 Castle­hill. Dairy cows per head - £630 Hil­lend; £620 North Bankhead and Bal­go­wnie Mains; £600 North Bankhead. Tues­day, De­cem­ber 4 Ca­ley Marts sold 1526 prime lambs, ewes and tups. A good show of lambs for­ward for qual­ity, re­sult­ing in an over­all av­er­age of 180p for 1318 sold (+17p on the week). Handy weight lambs 39-43kg av­er­aged 193p pkg, the best trade since Au­gust. Top price of the day went to Doune Farms for four Bel­tex Lambs at £101. Top price per kg went to J and D McNi­col, White­cross for a pen of 13 Texel X Lambs weigh­ing 40.6kg at 213ppkg (£86.50). Lamb prices per head: Bel­tex £100 and £99 Doune Farms; Bel­tex X £95 Cuilt­burn and Strageath; Texel £95 Nochnary; Texel X £94 White­cross; Cont £94 Braco Cas­tle; Suf­folk £88 Nether­place; Suf­folk X £86.50 High Tar­beg; Mule £70 Green­craig; BF £74.50 Re­mony. Lamb prices per kg: Texel X 211p White­cross; Texel 211p Nochnary; Bel­tex 209p Braco Cas­tle; Bel­tex X 209p Strageath; Cont 207p Gilmead­ow­land; Suf­folk 192p Devon­shaw Es­tate and Ditch; Mule 169p West Lundie; BF 174p Re­mony. Also for­ward were a smaller show of 288 cast ewes and tups. All classes of ewes were in greater de­mand. Heavy ewes av­er­aged £71 selling to £80 twice from G Aitken, Wester White­field, Dun­fermline and HC Mait­land, Grange of Lin­dores, New­burgh. Other lead­ing prices: Texel - £70 Easter Dul­latur, Nether Cam­bushin­nie and Grange of Lin­dores; Suff - £80 Grange of Lin­dores; Mule - £61 Grange of Lin­dores; £59 Wester White­field. BF - £33 Wester­hall. Tups sold to £76 for BFs from Re­mony Es­tates Part­ner­ship, Re­mony, Aber­feldy.

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